Jose Leon ’18
Sioux City, Iowa
Jose Leon

Crunching the numbers

Jose struggled with finding the financial support to attend a four-year college. But a Northwestern professor took Jose’s situation into consideration and helped him work out a payment plan, which included attending a nearby community college first to earn an associate’s degree. Now, he’s majoring in business administration/finance and marketing at Northwestern and is on track to become a certified financial planner after graduation.

Ticking the boxes

The community college I attended didn’t put much emphasis on things I hold important; students just needed to show up, complete work that was not challenging or fulfilling, and then graduate. That was it. There was no sense of community; there was no relationship between students and the professors. Here at Northwestern, I find myself staying after class talking to professors. I am able to engage with local businesses to solve real-world problems. Not to mention how kind and uplifting my classmates are. I can’t begin to describe the welcoming environment here at NWC; it still blows me away!

 Growing in faith

Studying at Northwestern has challenged me to be a better Christian. My experience here has shown me that Jesus calls each of us to be a blessing to everyone we meet. And every day here I see examples of how to do just that.

Seizing opportunities

I can’t stress enough that the people at Northwestern are here for the many of the same reasons I am. The academic challenges at NWC are rigorous, but thankfully our student body is full of like-minded people who are hungry to take on the challenge. In addition, the professors go the extra mile to make sure what they teach is applicable and relevant in the world after graduation. Compared to my experience at other colleges, this is a rare opportunity we have that I am extremely thankful for.

Getting perspective

I think being a transfer student provides me with more perspective. Students here at NWC know we are part of something special. But as a transfer student, I am able to realize just how different the people and opportunities here are. Having that perspective allows me to really appreciate my time here and make use of every minute of my time here in a way that honors God.

walking on campus

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“Northwestern’s social work professors are always willing to listen to students, so when we’re in the classroom, we are encouraged to think and learn together.”

Chie Lee Chie Lee ’18 Social work major from Osaka, Japan

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“I chose Northwestern because of the great dorm life I experienced when I visited on a RED101 Day during my senior year. I remember playing Settlers of Catan, and everyone in the residence hall I stayed in treated me like I was part of the family. ”

Thomas Heitritter Thomas Heitritter ’ Actuarial science, finance and economics major from Boyden, Iowa

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“Nursing is a profession that allows me to mix my love of science and service with compassion for people. ”

Jessica Howe Jessica Howe ’17 Nursing major from Orange City, Iowa

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“At Northwestern, I’ve gained true friendships. ”

Alex Currier Alex Currier ’19 Sociology major from Ottawa, Kansas

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“My professors know who all my classmates and I are and have a genuine interest in our success.”

Regan Scott Regan Scott ’19 Business administration and marketing major from Sioux Falls, South Dakota

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