A Northwestern College therapist meets with students.

Counseling & health services

We want you to be healthy in body, mind and soul. Located in the student center, a nurse practitioner and professional therapists are available to all full-time students.

The Orange City Area Health System staffs a satellite clinic on Northwestern’s campus with a nurse practitioner who can assess, diagnose, and treat illness and injuries. She also provides health information for students, monitors public health concerns like flu outbreaks, and coordinates annual flu vaccination clinics.

Coronavirus update

Vaccination policy for incoming students

Licensed professional therapists provide private, confidential therapy for students facing emotional, relational or other issues to help them cope, alter behavior and solve problems. The therapists also provide mental health information, run support groups, and plan events to raise awareness for mental health issues. Students may seek help during times of difficulty or with challenges of any kind, including:

  • Dating or roommate issues
  • Drug and alcohol use/abuse
  • Eating disorders or body image issues
  • Family dysfunction/divorce
  • Grief/death of a loved one
  • Homesickness/adjusting to college
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Sexual assault (see sexual assault policy)
  • Sexual identity questions
  • Stress, anxiety or depression
  • Suicidal thoughts