Josh Fischer ’21
Cutler Bay, Florida
Josh Fischer

Coded for connection

In addition to his computer science major, Josh is also pursuing both math and youth ministry minors. When he's not in class or doing homework, he's a Hospers Hall resident assistant, student ambassador, computer science tutor, and member of the college's Overwatch and Rocket League esports teams. He also participates in a Discipleship Group and dances in the annual RUSH dance concert.

College in the heartland

I lived my whole life in Miami, so Northwestern wasn't really on my radar, even though both my parents went here. Eventually I checked out the website, applied for free, and accepted an invitation to visit campus. When I got here, I fell in love. I could immediately sense the community and how I'd be treated like family. Being from a big city, Northwestern seemed like a perfect change of pace.

Code program

From the day I took my first computer science class, I fell in love with writing code. Learning how to problem-solve by breaking the problem into its smallest parts is an invaluable skill and something I find quite entertaining. 

Tech support

I appreciate how tight-knit the students and professors in the computer science department are. We frequently have events to talk about things beyond the classroom and build relationships with each other. Sometimes a group of us (including our professor) get milkshakes on campus and hang out. I love the fact that Northwestern cares about relationships between professors and students.

Spiritual direction

At Northwestern, I'm gaining a better and broader worldview. If your education doesn't change the way you live, then something is wrong. Northwestern recognizes this and works to change lives. We're always asked to think about how our education will be applied throughout our lives. We also get a lot of opportunities to grow personally, such as through chapel and Sunday night Praise & Worship.

Real life

My favorite part of Northwestern is residence life. All the dorms have amazing cultures, and the late-night talks I've had with a couple of dudes in our room at 2 a.m. are some of my favorite memories at Northwestern. Last year I led a Discipleship Group in my dorm. It was such a growing experience to talk about God and our struggles and simply do life together.