Online bill payment

If you are a student:

To make a student account payment online, log in to MyNWC by entering your user name and password in the upper right corner of the screen. Select the "Billing Information" tab and then click on "View/Pay Bill" for the respective semester you wish to pay for. A copy of your bill will be displayed, along with the various payment options.

If you are a parent or other authorized user:

Your student will first need to give you permission to access payment and balance information on his or her account. To do so, your student must log in to MyNWC with his or her user name and password, select the "Billing Information" tab, and then click on "View/Pay Bill," followed by "Pay Online Now ," to enter the online payment system. Once in the online payment system, your student should select "Your Account" and "Add New" under the "Parent PINs" section. Your student will need to enter and confirm the parent or other authorized user's email address. Once that is done, a welcome email will be sent to the email address entered. That email will contain the login ID and temporary password, along with a link to access the online payment website.

Parents or other authorized users will only have access to make payments, view payment history, and view balances on the student account. They will not have access to financial aid, grades or other student information.

If you are a parent and would like to access the bill online:

To make a payment on your student’s account, visit MyNWC. From there, you do not need to login. Navigate to the “Billing Information” tab in the red toolbar. On the left-hand side, click on the “View/Pay Bill” link. On the next screen, you will enter the student’s ID number and last name. Then once you have clicked “Lookup,” select “View/Pay Bill” for the respective semester you wish to pay for. There you can view your bill and navigate to the ”Pay Online Button” to make an online payment. Payment may be made via e-check (no fee) or credit/debit card (2.85% processing fee).

Payment options

Our staff in the business office are available to answer any questions you might have regarding payment options, and we will do our very best to ensure that your payment process is smooth and convenient.

Electronic payment

For your convenience, you can make payment using a U.S. bank account or international payment options online through the MyNWC portal by selecting the “Billing Information” tab and then “View/Pay Bill.” From there, select the “Pay Online Now” link. Payment can be made via e-check (new bank account option) with no processing fees, or a debit/credit card (2.85% processing fee). There are various international payment options through the “Pay Online Now” link as well.

Personal checks and money orders

If you choose to send a personal check or money order using regular mail, please address the payment to:

Northwestern College
Attn: Business Office
101 7th St. SW
Orange City, IA  51041

Please make all checks payable to Northwestern College in U.S. dollars. Be sure to include your name and student identification number on the front of each check.

529 Plan distributions

Many 529 College Savings Plans now have a digital distribution option, which saves time and improves transparency with real-time payment tracking. When requesting a withdrawal from your plan, look to see if a digital disbursement is available.

If your 529 Plan will be sending your disbursement by paper check, payment should be directed to the address below and include the student's name and student identification number:

Northwestern College
Attn: Business Office
101 7th St. SW
Orange City, IA  51041

For more information

See the CashNet FAQ's

or email