Jamie Young
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Jamie Young

Future teacher, coach + encourager

Jamie has a heart for encouragement and helping others to be their best—two qualities that will make her an outstanding teacher and coach. In addition to supporting her students, she is excited to bring her love for other cultures and languages to her Spanish classroom. Jamie is a goalkeeper for the Raider women’s soccer team and a volunteer tutor for a nonprofit that serves second-language learners.

Taught by example
Throughout my academic journey, my teachers have pushed me to learn and grow. Now, as a double major in secondary education and Spanish, I am challenged to help my own students grow in their knowledge of the world and themselves.

Early classroom experience
Northwestern’s education faculty are not only committed to academic excellence; they are genuinely attentive to students’ diverse needs both in and out of the classroom. Another notable aspect of the ed department is the early exposure to practical teaching experiences, starting from the very first semester. This firsthand approach to learning helped affirm my choice to pursue a career in education.

Top profs
Northwestern’s faculty stands out for their dedication to students, extending their care beyond the academic sphere. Professor Nonhof, one of the education professors, always facilitates great discussions in class and offers individualized encouragement, even if it’s a simple note on an assignment to keep up the good work. Professor Koene is my favorite Spanish teacher I’ve ever had. He always finds the perfect balance of challenging us and breaking down the material so it’s easier to understand.

Made in God’s image
I hope that I become a teacher who helps learners become proficient in multiple languages and diverse cultures so they can love and respect others as people made in the image of God.