Matt Scott ’19
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Matt Scott

Perfect score

When looking for colleges, Matt knew he wanted to go somewhere to study actuarial science and play in a competitive soccer program. Although he had heard of Northwestern, he didn’t consider applying until he saw the college listed as having one of the best actuarial science programs in the nation. After a campus visit, he fell in love with the community and decided to attend. Now, in addition to being a math tutor, he’s also a goalkeeper for the soccer team, a member of the college’s Honors Program and president of the Actuarial Science Club.

Helping heart

Since the start of my academic career at Northwestern, I have been offering help to friends and classmates when they started struggling with coursework. When I was given the opportunity to officially become a tutor, I jumped on it. I was very excited to be able to help more people understand whatever it is they are studying.

Making connections

As a tutor, I enjoy having conversations with people I never would have met otherwise. There are plenty of faces I see on campus that are familiar thanks to my involvement in the Peer Learning Center. I also enjoy witnessing the moment when it “clicks” for students. Many of the problems my math students face are similar, but it can still take some serious studying to make the connection. Seeing the difference in how long it takes for a student to do the first problem on an assignment, compared to how long it takes him or her to complete the final problem, is often quite impressive.

Missed opportunities

I think some students never discover the benefits they could be reaping from the Peer Learning Center. It wasn’t until I asked a tutor for assistance for the first time that I realized how helpful peer tutoring can be.

Making time for success

The best study tip I can give is to work ahead. As a college student, there is rarely a moment where there’s nothing you could be working on. Leaving homework or studying to the last possible moment will often result in lower quality work, which can be harmful to your grades and GPA. You will never regret getting an assignment done early.