William Browning ’19
Duncan, Oklahoma
William Browning

Renaissance man

William is coupling his art major with another in biology health professions and a minor in religion. A member of Northwestern’s Future Physicians Club, William has his sights set on attending medical school to become a trauma surgeon. But he’s using art as a way to hone his fine motor skills, express his creativity and better understand his faith. He’s taught art classes through a local community arts program, is a work-study for the art department, and also volunteers his creative talents with the theatre department, helping with props, hair, makeup and scenic work.

Open to interpretation

Studying art has really helped me dive into Scripture and determine what it means for me. In order for me to understand what the implications of Scripture are, I need to understand it as best I can, and Northwestern has really helped with that. My faith has grown, and when I’m reading the Bible, I have definitely been challenged, trying to decide if what I once believed is still true, or if it could be interpreted in a different way.

Drawing inspiration

I really appreciate the art department faculty’s willingness to help me on any of my projects, whether for class or for fun. They also encourage me and any Northwestern students to use the art building as much as possible. Most importantly, they push me so I can reach my full potential. They ask me to go beyond just beauty and really depict how I feel, see things or what I am going through. They help me convey a meaning through art that I would have neglected without their encouragement.

Creative community

One of my favorite memories at NWC so far has been the late nights when my friends—both art majors and non-art majors—are hanging out together in the art building, playing music just a little too loud, working on random art assignments and projects, talking, making jokes and giving each other feedback. I’ve enjoyed spending time with and making new friends through my time in the art building. Art is an expression of your thoughts in its rawest form, and it is incredible to explore those thoughts at NWC with friends and newfound family.

Prepped for surgery

Northwestern has been difficult in a way that pushes me forward. I have been challenged, but I’ve also been given ways to overcome those challenges, and now I feel as though I am well prepared for the MCAT, medical school and my future—not just in medicine, but also in my spiritual and home life.