Thea Davis
Orange City, Iowa
Thea Davis

Creative + cultural thriving

A recent transplant to Orange City from the Philippines, Thea’s Northwestern experience has involved adapting to a new country and culture. Through the Bridge Center for Intercultural Development, she has found family and friendship, as well as numerous opportunities to share her culture with other students. Thea is president of the Intercultural Club, a Bridge Scholar, and the Bridge Center’s marketing and social media coordinator.

Always creating
My life has always revolved around creative endeavors, whether that be drawing, painting, writing, crocheting or graphic design. Because my dad is a web developer, I began exploring the computer at a young age and enjoyed using Microsoft Paint to create digital drawings. It wasn’t a surprise when God led me to pursue a graphic design major!

Amazing facilities
The art department is well-equipped with wonderful facilities! We have a Mac lab, classrooms for drawing and painting, and studios for printmaking and ceramics. I also love how the building gets the perfect amount of natural light, which is extremely helpful as we work on art projects.

Co-creator with God
Oftentimes faith is associated with a major in theology or other disciplines, but since coming to Northwestern, I’ve realized that God isn’t limited to those fields of study. He is evident in science, business, theatre and even graphic design. At NWC, I’ve learned to see art as a form of worship because the act of creation reflects the Creator.

Campus community
Even though I am a commuter and don’t experience the late-night dorm conversations, my best memories are the moments I share with my on-campus mentors and friends. Northwestern might first catch your attention because of its reputation for academic excellence, but it’s the community here that will truly capture your heart.