Honors Program

If you love learning—and you're good at it—you're a candidate for Northwestern's elite Honors Program. You'll have exclusive access to honors-only courses and be mentored by some of our best professors on independent scholarly research projects that will enhance your graduate school and professional prospects. At the same time, you’ll be exploring what it means to be a Christian scholar. 

The Honors Program ...

  • Rewards your intellectual curiosity through restricted-access courses, scholarship or fellowship opportunities, scholarly travel experiences, and “smart” social activities.
  • Fosters interdisciplinary collaboration through a honors curriculum that connects content from multiple disciplines, exposure to faculty from multiple departments, and the chance to study in Greece in the summer.
  • Enhances disciplinary expertise through the addition of honors components to your major courses, honors-only enrollment in a scholarship methods course, and completion of independent scholarship in your discipline.

To learn more about participating in Northwestern's Honors Program, talk to your admissions counselor or academic adviser.

Select courses in the Northwestern Core (general education curriculum) are designated as honors courses. In addition, honors components can be added to select courses in your major. Honors Program students must also take a 1-credit Honors Scholarship Methods course before beginning a 2- or 4-credit honors scholarly or research project.

All Honors Program participants complete a self-styled scholarly project under the direction of a mentoring professor. Honors Program students have been published and presented at professional conferences—standout success that gets attention on a résumé or graduate school application.

Incoming new students who are high academic achievers will be invited to register for a special honors section of the First-Year Seminar (FYS), a foundational course in the Northwestern Core curriculum. Similar in form and content to the regular FYS, the Honors FYS is taught exclusively by Northwestern professors recognized for teaching excellence.

The Honors Program offers a 3-week course in Greece every other summer. Honors students get preferred enrollment in the course, which is taught by the program directors.

Students who complete the requirements listed below will be designated as "Honors Scholar" on their transcripts and at commencement.

  1. 8 credits of Honors Northwestern Core courses (excludes Honors FYS)
  2. 1 honors component in a major class
  3. Completion of the Honors Scholarship Methods course
  4. Completion of a Honors Scholarship project
  5. Attendance at peers' Honors Scholarship presentations
  6. Maintenance of at least a 3.5 GPA

Dr. Jennifer Feenstra
Professor of Psychology, Fulbright Scholar
Ph.D., University of New Hampshire

Dr. John Vonder Bruegge
Assistant Professor of Religion
Ph.D., Yale University