Jessica Howe ’17
Orange City, Iowa
Jessica Howe

Heart for humanity

As a junior in high school, Jessica went on a mission trip to Haiti. During her time there, she witnessed the incredible needs and the lack of medical services available. From then on, she decided to pursue a career in the medical field to benefit underprivileged people in either the United States or abroad. At Northwestern she’s had opportunities to fulfill her servant’s heart by going on a Spring Service Partnership trip to Lindale, Texas, joining the college’s International Club and participating in a Summer of Service trip to Indonesia.

Holistic healer
I love meeting new people, and nursing enables me to get to know new people on a personal level as I’m caring for them. Nursing is a profession that allows me to mix my love of science and service with compassion for people. I feel God has called me to study his creation (the body) and integrate my knowledge with physically caring for people. 

Science and faith
Studying nursing at Northwestern has strengthened my faith in ways that challenge me to think about how I might integrate my beliefs into my future career. During my time on clinical rotation, I was faced with different questions about life and death, what true health means, and how God calls us to care for people. To me, nursing isn’t just considered a science; it’s also a ministry, and my experience at Northwestern has strengthened that idea for me.

Learning for a lifetime
During my time at Northwestern, I’ve come to realize learning is a lifelong endeavor, and I have been truly challenged not to just memorize and regurgitate but to really learn. My professors have encouraged me to think both critically and creatively. As I think about heading out into the nursing field after graduation, I feel I am not only being taught the latest nursing practices, but also how to use my education to act morally within the profession.  

Making connections
At Northwestern, I have made relationships I plan on keeping for the rest of my life. I have created friendships with people from all over campus (and all over the country). We learn from each other, laugh together and make memories I will never forget.