Grant Rohrer ’20
Slayton, Minnesota
Grant Rohrer

Going for the assist

Recruited to play basketball, Grant liked Northwestern’s strong Christian atmosphere and tight-knit community. Welcomed with open arms by the basketball team members during his campus visit, he felt at home right away. He was also attracted by the nursing program’s great reputation and Northwestern’s beautiful campus.

Healing legacy

My grandma was a nurse and my mom is a respiratory therapist, so from a young age I was interested in the medical field. I love to help and interact with people, and nursing is a profession in which I can do that on a daily basis. Another thing that led me to major in nursing is that every day is different, which keeps work very interesting. I job-shadowed a nurse while in high school, and I loved it. From then on, I knew that nursing was the profession for me.

Patient mentors

I appreciate how much the nursing faculty care for us. Each member of the faculty genuinely cares and wants to see us succeed. If we are struggling in a class or are not understanding something very well, they will take the time to help us out and make sure we are back on the right track. They do a very good job of both teaching us and making sure we know they care about us.

Healthy relationships

A big strength of the nursing department at Northwestern is its focus on providing Christ-like care to our patients. This involves building a relationship with them and making sure they know we care about them and that they are comfortable and peaceful. This strength that the nursing department emphasizes will help us to become nurses who are well-respected by our patients and staff.

Added value

I have gained many things at Northwestern besides an education. The friends I have made here will be lifelong friends who genuinely care about me. I have gained many great role models— such as my coaches, professors and teammates—who continue to push me and strive to make me better. Most importantly, Northwestern has pushed me to develop and grow in my faith through the people who surround me on campus. I am thankful for the opportunities Northwestern has given me.