Katie DeKruyff ’19
Fontana, California
Katie DeKruyff

Headed to graduate school

A future genetic counselor, Katie is combining her genetics/molecular biology/cellular biology major with a major in psychology. The research experience she is getting in both of her majors is great preparation for graduate school, as is her Carlson Internship at Exemplar Genetics. Katie also serves as an Admissions Ambassador and peer tutor and plays on the Red Raider women’s soccer team.

Top score

As an athlete, I was really focused on the recruiting process when looking at colleges. I was fortunate enough to have offers to play for multiple colleges. The reason I ended up choosing Northwestern is because this college is above and beyond any other I considered. At Northwestern, I found a faith-centered community, a rigorous education and a competitive athletic program.

Research mentors

One of the biggest strengths of Northwestern’s biology program is the faculty. The professors are brilliant, knowledgeable in their fields, and passionate about teaching—a combination that can be hard to find. The department also provides many opportunities to do individual and group research. Once we learn the lab techniques, our professors give us the freedom to use what we know to solve big questions in the lab. That prepares us for future research and helps us develop problem-solving skills.

Faith and science

Some consider science a difficult area in which to integrate faith and learning. At Northwestern, this is simply not a problem. The professors tell us they find science the most intimate and intricate way of knowing our Creator. God reveals himself throughout creation, and that is the main focus in the department. In genetics we see that the very building block of every single human is just a series of four letters. The way these letters assemble and give rise to individuals is the greatest testament to God I have ever seen.

Exceptional experience

Through the Carlson Internship Program, I obtained a summer internship at Exemplar Genetics. I had the amazing opportunity to do research on genetically modified pigs that mimic human diseases for preclinical research. It was an incredible experience to do meaningful research with the skills I’ve learned at Northwestern.