Josh Hornstra ’18
Lynden, Washington
Josh Hornstra

Eye on the ball

Before deciding on Northwestern, Josh was looking for a college that provided an education centered in Christ. The sport management program also caught his eye, as did the opportunity to play on the Red Raider football team. Now a double major in sport management and finance, Josh is setting up his shot to either attend graduate school or pursue a career on the business side of professional sports.

Pursuing his passion

My father drove a semitrailer for a living, and I distinctly remember having a conversation with him when I was younger about why he chose to become a truck driver. He said although he could have pursued different careers that probably paid more, he never did because it wasn’t what he loved to do. He loved his career as a truck driver. That’s why I chose to pursue a degree in sport management—because I love sports and I want them to play an important role in my future. The saying about choosing a job that you love and never having to work a day in your life definitely rings true for me.

MVP (Most Valuable Profs)

In my years here at Northwestern, I have not yet encountered someone in the kinesiology department I didn’t get along with. Every faculty member is very knowledgeable and creates an enjoyable classroom experience. I also love having the ability to go to any professor’s office and ask questions about class or just talk about life.

Forming friendships

I feel very blessed to have been able to meet some of my best friends at Northwestern. I came to Iowa my freshman year without knowing a single person, but I was quickly able to develop friendships with people that will last a lifetime. I love being able to go outside with my some of my closest friends on the first nice day in the spring and play a long round of gennis (golf played with a tennis ball). It’s basically a reward for making it through the Midwestern winter.

Christ-like service

Studying kinesiology has challenged my faith in numerous ways, but perhaps the biggest area it has challenged me is in my relationships with others. The sports industry is a very relational field, and I want people I come into contact with to be able to see Christ working in me.