Sonya Hagberg ’17

Active learner

Sonya’s parents are missionaries, and she spent the majority of her life living outside the United States. When she moved back to the U.S. to attend college, she intentionally looked for a Christian college in the Midwest to both aid in the transition and be closer to extended family. While at Northwestern, Sonya competes in the long and triple jump as a member of the college’s track team and is also involved in the International Club. She’s added a career concentration in strength and conditioning to her major in exercise science, and she hopes to pursue an advanced degree in physical therapy after graduation.

Human interest
I took a class in high school that had a large unit on human biology and I loved it. It made me want to learn more about how the human body works. I have also participated in sports my entire life and exercise is a huge part of my daily life, so I wanted to study something that incorporates the subjects I love to learn about.

I remember one course during my freshman year where we had to memorize all the bones and muscles of the body. There are a lot of them, and I became frustrated with studying. But what I have learned from my kinesiology courses is a new appreciation for God’s design. It is amazing how he made us, how all the systems complement each other, and how well everything works together. God did not forget anything when he made us. He even made some backup systems if something in our bodies stops working properly!

Going the extra mile
The kinesiology professors make time for their students. When I meet with my adviser to register for classes, the meetings always take the whole time because we spend half of it talking about how things are going. My adviser wants to hear about my life and what God is doing in it. And when I have problems with a class, the faculty members come alongside me to help make things work. When I was having trouble figuring out my internship, my adviser was the one who found a place that worked for me.

Merry memories
One of my favorite Northwestern memories so far was when we had a Christmas party on our wing and tried to fit the whole wing into one dorm room. It was tight, but we had a fun time eating cookies, drinking hot chocolate, laughing and exchanging presents.