Emma Wilson
McCallsburg, Iowa
Emma Wilson

By the numbers

Emma is a double major in math and business administration/finance. She participates in track and pep band and is an accounting tutor and a writing fellow. Her current plan is to pursue a career in finance.

Home, sweet home
I chose Northwestern because it felt like home to me. I love the Christian atmosphere and how everyone I meet shows the love of Christ in everything they do. I also love the opportunities I have to compete in track and to play in the pep band.

It all added up
I’ve always enjoyed numbers and challenging myself. I knew majoring in math at NWC would be a good challenge for me and would push me to grow in my learning. The thing that fascinates me the most about math is how it is in everything we do. It is so ingrained in our lives that most of the time we don’t even have to think about it.

Preparing to excel
Since math is a challenging major, it pushes me to work harder and develop new strategies for learning well. This is increasing my versatility and helping me grow in learning abilities, which will be helpful in any situation I get thrown into in life. It shows me that I can learn difficult things and am always able to do more than I think I can.

People make the difference
The thing I appreciate the most about Northwestern is the people. I’ve gotten to know so many supportive, kind, loving people who push me to be my best as a person, a Christian, a student and an athlete. Whether it be through fellow students, professors, coaches or other staff, I’ve felt so supported and loved here.

Making memories
My favorite memory is from our last regular season track meet in Des Moines. It was a very exciting day, as it was our last chance to qualify for conference and it was a great atmosphere with my teammates being encouraging and excited for each other. The best part of the day was after our races, a lot of the distance runners and I ran the mile to the Iowa Capitol building together for our cooldown. It was a great bonding experience and so cool to be running in the big city with my team.

Precision design
As I’ve learned more about math and just how much it is integrated into the world, my fascination with how God created the world grows. It is so intricately designed, and I believe there is no way it could all come together by chance. This has given me an ever-growing appreciation of just how much God cares for us and how powerful he is to give us a world that is exactly right for us to live in.