Isaiah Custer
Communications Manager, Taproot Theatre, Seattle, Washington
Isaiah Custer


Several internship-style roles at Taproot Theatre in Seattle led to Isaiah's first job there, as marketing associate. Now Taproot's communications and group sales manager, he coordinates media coverage of the plays and select actors and directors, and manages Taproot Theatre's website and social media presence. He also serves as writer/editor for several Taproot newsletters and oversees promotion and accommodation for group ticket sales.

What do you enjoy about your job as a communications director for Taproot Theatre?
I love getting to work with different people. Taproot produces six or more shows a year, so we constantly have new actors, designers and crew members in the building. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with actors from shows like Aladdin, Come From Away, Everything Sucks!, Gilmore Girls, Grimm, The Man in the High Castle and Z Nation. Getting to craft stories that connect these artists with our audiences and the media is what I enjoy most. 

In what ways did Northwestern prepare you for the job you have now and the career you hope to have in the future?
Adding an arts administration minor was the best decision I made at Northwestern. It was through those classes that I realized my passion for arts marketing, which eventually led me to my current job in Seattle. Every class and professor pushed me to be creative, analyze problems and find solutions.

What do you appreciate most about your Northwestern theatre education?
What truly sets Northwestern’s theatre department above others is our professors' commitment to creating a collaborative environment where the ensemble works together. Everyone’s desire is to create theatre that inspires and challenges audiences. It’s a positive and encouraging space to fail and grow alongside professors who want to mold and teach every one of their students.

What advice would you give theatre students who want a full-time career in theatre?
If you love it, go for it—because there’s nothing quite like the feeling of your show coming to life in front of an audience. When you’re at Northwestern, take risks, learn as much as you can and invest yourself in the ensemble. Study how different artists approach creating their shows. Choose projects that excite and challenge you. Find internships or apprenticeships at companies you’d like to work at in the future. But most importantly, think about why theatre is important to you and what you want to say.