Transfer credit equivalencies

The following serves as a guide for students transferring to Northwestern College or transferring select credits to NWC. 

Biblical studies 4-credit NWC course 100
Christian theology 4-credit NWC course 200
Cross-cultural studies 3-4 credits of non-Western studies (e.g., Asian, Latin American, Native American, African, etc.) 100-300
Fine arts 3-4 credits of art, music or theatre appreciation 100-200
History 4 credits (must be writing intensive) 100-200
Kinesiology 2-3 credits of physical education/wellness 100-200
Language 3-9 credits of modern foreign language (e.g., Spanish, French, German, etc.) or 4-8 credits of ancient language (e.g., Hebrew, Greek, etc.) 100-200
Literature 3-4 credits of literary studies (e.g., American writers, British writers, poetry, short stories, Shakespeare, etc.) 100-200
Mathematics 3-4 credits of mathematical science at or above college algebra (Students with math ACT of 19 or below may need to complete basic algebra as well.) 100-200
Natural science 3-4 credits laboratory science (biology, chemistry or physics; must contain a lab component) 100-200
Philosophy 4 credits of philosophy (e.g., Introduction to Philosophy, History of Philosophy, Contemporary Moral Issues, etc.) 100-200
Social science 3-4 credits of psychology, sociology, economics, anthropology or political science 100-200

Note: Some courses meet both a general education and a major requirement. Refer to the NWC catalog for additional information.