Theatre program

Looking for a dramatic difference? We have a reputation as one of the best Christian college theatre programs in the country. Ours isn’t a competitive, cutthroat environment. Instead, students praise our ensemble approach where every role—from actor to usher—is equally valued.

Academic programs

Students say the collaborative, excellence-oriented environment of Northwestern’s theatre program is unlike anything they’ve ever experienced. The program’s goal is to help you as a theatre artist develop your creative gifts for service in God’s kingdom.  Explore programs


Northwestern’s theatre faculty—which includes an Iowa Professor of the Year—is an ensemble of professional actors, directors, designers and playwrights. They’ll mentor you, collaborate with you, and treat you as a fellow artist.   Explore faculty

Premier facilities

Playing a supporting role is the award-winning DeWitt Theatre Arts Center. With both proscenium and black box theatres, a spacious lobby, scene and costume studios, a design studio and more, it’s been called “the best theatre of any college in Iowa.”  Explore facilities

Madilynn Loats

Curtain call

Maddie attended Northwestern’s Theatre Camp as a high school student. Now she’s majoring in theatre and learning how her art glorifies God.

Madilynn's story

Corrie Hayes
Matthew Hulstein


The collaboration and performance standards of an NWC theatre degree set the stage for Matthew to find success in his role as an attorney for clients who need someone to be their voice.

Matthew's story