Music scholarship application process

Following are the steps to apply for either a Music Performance Scholarship or the McGilvra Music Scholarship:

  1. Begin by applying online. When applying, you will be asked to create an admissions account or to log in if you already have an account. (If you intend to major in music, you are eligible to apply for the McGilvra Music Scholarship, which uses the same application as the Music Performance Scholarship.)
  2. Once Northwestern receives your application and recommendations, you will receive a letter from the music office regarding an audition. Included in that correspondence will be an audition form on which you will select an audition date.
  3. Inform Northwestern's music office of your preferred audition date and time via email or by returning the audition form. The audition dates are also Northwestern College Preview Days and RED101 Days, and the music department works with the admissions staff to create the schedule for your visit. If none of the audition days work for an audition, you are welcome to contact the music office to arrange an alternate date. If the distance you live from Northwestern College prevents you from auditioning in person, you can audition by submitting a DVD or YouTube link.