Andrew Currier ’17
Ottawa, Kansas
Andrew Currier


Andrew has been composing music for many years. At NWC, he has composed pieces performed by students and faculty, and he has also scored for a short student-produced film. In addition to studying music composition, Andrew is a pianist, organist and percussionist. He plays piano for the Symphonic Band and Jazz Band, sometimes switching over to the trap set for Jazz Band. He also accompanies students within the music department. When not making music, Andrew enjoys running and playing basketball, racquetball, volleyball and Ultimate Frisbee.

All in the Family
My sister graduated from Northwestern in 2013. She recommended the college because of the great people and close community. I visited the music department and loved it! Now my younger brother is attending as well.

Northwestern’s music department has given me a great education in all aspects of music. I especially feel more experienced in my piano and music composition skills. I have appreciated having my original pieces played at the Composers’ Concert and at the campus-wide Day of Learning in Community.

I enjoy the close community between the students and the faculty in the music department. In a way, it seems like a large family who all love music. It was awesome that my Symphonic Band family actually had the opportunity to play at my home church as the first stop on our spring break tour to New Orleans!

Musical Mentors
The music professors are great. They always make themselves available to help you if you need it. They have high expectations in their classes but make sure to keep it fun as well. Both my piano and composition instructors have either played at Carnegie Hall in New York City or had their pieces performed there. That is really motivating! I have also been fortunate to take master classes in composition and piano from outside experts in the musical field who have been guests on campus.

Learning About Leadership
I’ve learned a lot about how to be a leader during my time at Northwestern. Whether through serving on the orientation staff, helping to lead worship for the Sunday night Praise and Worship service, playing piano and drums for local churches, or performing in coffeehouses held in our dorm or at a local coffee shop, I’ve enjoyed seeing my leadership skills develop.

Worship Music
Playing and writing music is an act of worship for me. It helps me to express the faith that has become my own here at Northwestern.

Sounds Good
After graduation, I hope to become an audio engineer at a recording studio where I can record and mix music while also composing and producing my own music. My long-term goal is to become a film composer. Aiming toward these goals, I’m working with sound in NWC’s audio-visual department, and I plan to spend a semester in Nashville learning how to record music and mix live productions.