Courtney Van Beek-Stekl
First Grade Teacher, Sergeant Bluff-Luton Community School, Sergeant Bluff, Iowa
Courtney Van Beek-Stekl

Sharing God's love

The excellent reputation of the Northwestern education department and the desire to create special memories similar to those created by her NWC alumni family members are reasons Courtney chose to attend Northwestern. Confident in the training she received from her bachelor’s degree and excelling in her career, Courtney is once again learning how to stand out in her field by pursuing a master’s degree in early childhood education through Northwestern.

What do you appreciate most about your Northwestern education?
Northwestern challenged me in my faith through learning. The education department helped me understand how we all have an amazing opportunity to share God’s love through our work—even working in a public school setting. The environment at Northwestern allowed me to discover who I was, grow in my faith and build lasting relationships.

What are some of your favorite memories at Northwestern?
My most memorable moments resulted in finding my forever best friends. Memories were made studying, worshiping together, competing in intramural games, supporting each other at athletic events, talking until late in the night and just enjoying our college days together.

How well did Northwestern prepare you for your career?
The knowledge and experience I gained from the well-established Northwestern education department has been the foundation of my teaching career. The breadth of opportunities for hands-on experience from freshman year through student teaching were so valuable for preparing me for my future classroom. The Northwestern environment helped me understand how to be a Christian teacher in a public school setting.

What are the top two reasons a student should consider attending Northwestern?
The opportunities Northwestern provides and the people making up the Northwestern family truly help you stand out in ways that honor God and prepare you to lead a life of significance. From real-world career experiences and athletic events, to campus jobs and Spring Service Projects, Northwestern provides you with so many opportunities to grow. The experiences you have with other students will form lifelong friendships, and your connection to alumni will support and encourage you as you seek a career. Northwestern is a family. You’ll be forever and always a Raider.