Northwestern to offer four new programs

A major in art therapy is one of four new programs that will be offered at Northwestern College next fall.

Northwestern College has approved new academic programs in entrepreneurship and statistics to be offered next fall. The college has also elevated the art therapy pre-professional program to a major and changed the secondary education endorsement to a major.

A new minor in entrepreneurship will help meet student demand. “Many students envision owning their own business someday; this will be the ideal preparation to help them pursue their career goals and passions,” says Vonda Post, co-chair of the business department. “The minor will be a great option for business majors and for those majoring in other fields such as the fine arts, psychology, sports management and athletic training, ministry or the health professions.” The program will include a core business foundation with additional courses such as New Venture Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Small Business Management, and Introduction to Legal Environment.

A minor in statistics will be good preparation for students planning to enter fields dependent upon data-driven decisions, including those majoring in accounting, biology, chemistry, computer science, marketing, mathematics, nursing, psychology, public relations and sociology. “Students will benefit by gaining a deeper understanding of statistical reasoning, as well as experience in applying that reasoning to a variety of situations using appropriate tools,” says Dr. Kim Jongerius, chair of the mathematics department. “Because a wide variety of industries recognize the necessity of using data to inform decisions, more and more jobs require these types of skills.”

The art therapy major will combine courses in art and psychology. “It’s a great major for students who are interested in both art and service to others,” says Phil Scorza, art department chair. “Students who major in art therapy will have the necessary coursework and requirements to apply to master’s degree programs in art therapy. Through the major at Northwestern, they will gain internship experience and leave with a digitized art portfolio that will enable them to seek out other opportunities too.”

The major in secondary education is designed for students interested in teaching at the high school or middle school level. It requires the completion of one of the following majors: art, biology, business education, chemistry, English, history, mathematics, music, physical education, psychology or Spanish. “Students preparing to teach at the secondary level have always needed to earn a major in their content area as well as an education endorsement,” says Laura Heitritter, education department chair.  “Changing the endorsement to a major is a better acknowledgment of all the work they do as they gain the knowledge and experience needed to become outstanding teachers.”