A Northwestern agricultural business major at his internship.

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Northwestern’s business and economics faculty have real-world experience with accounting, international economics and socially responsible business and entrepreneurial initiatives. They teach here because they are dedicated to preparing professionals whose faith guides their work, leadership, investing and decision-making. Explore faculty

Proven success

Top CPA scores Northwestern accounting students consistently achieve top scores and pass rates on the CPA exam. So far, 2017 was our best showing: Our students had an 89.3% pass-rate, the best in Iowa and #2 in the nation.
Top 10 Northwestern is included among the top 10 economics programs in the state of Iowa by the career website Zippia.com.
Top 5% Over the past years, seniors competing in the international Business Strategy Game as part of their senior capstone class have been consistently successful, with teams finishing in the top 5% of 6,500 teams competing around the globe.
Karlveon Ford


With the hands-on experience Karlveon has received as a business administration major and entrepreneurship minor, he feels well prepared to become a real estate agent in the Phoenix area following graduation.

Karlveon's story

Lauren Myers

Expression through espresso

Lauren’s persistence in applying for a summer internship helped her stand out in the eyes of her future employer.

Lauren's story

Josh Vander Zwaag

Ag in the family

Josh’s family background inspired him to pursue a degree in a lesser-known area of the ag industry: agricultural business.

Josh's story

Jose Leon

Financial steward

A Northwestern alumni connection opened doors for Jose’s position at Principal Global Investors in Des Moines, Iowa.

Jose's story

Jonathan Johnson

Flexibility at work

Jonathan appreciated having flexibility to explore different levels of business without taking up a specific concentration.

Jonathan's story

Breanna Harmelink

From intern to manager

Growing up, Breanna watched her dad work alongside a manufacturing team. Now, she appreciates the technical and relational aspects of the industry firsthand.

Breanna's story

Sarah deVries

Back in business

Despite changing her major halfway through college, practicum hours empowered Sarah to be well prepared to lead a classroom of her own.

Sarah's story

Alex Vander Stoep

Economic man

Northwestern’s strong ties to Alex’s current employer paved the way to a competitive internship, and later, a full-time position.

Alex's story

Anna Scott

Organic connections

Anna puts her marketing and public relations skills to work at an ethically sourced children’s clothing company.

Anna's story

Josh Hornstra

Sports fanatic

Josh turned his love for sports into a career.

Josh's story

Evan Schuler

Link connections

Evan's success on the golf course parlayed itself into a job as an accountant in his hometown.

Evan's story

Natalie Te Grootenhuis

Getting the details just right

Natalie works with corporations and nonprofits from around the country, designing events to help them support their missions and reach their goals.

Natalie's story

Chris Sietstra

A smart investment

Chris views his financial oversight role as an opportunity to support the service and mission of the financial planning firm where he works.

Chris's story