TJ Spykstra ’17
Aurora, Colorado
TJ Spykstra

Active learner

The quality of Northwestern’s academic programs and the opportunity to play college football drew TJ to consider NWC. But it was the welcomed he received from coaches and players that ultimately sealed the deal. Now, he’s majoring in business administration/marketing and is on the football and track teams. He is also involved in dodgeball, volleyball and basketball intramurals, and is a member of Northwestern’s campus chapter of Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Bottom line: ethics matter
Studying business has challenged my faith in a variety of ways, and I especially appreciate the business ethics course I took. We were able to discuss difficult scenarios from a Christian perspective, which was extremely valuable. I have no doubt I will personally encounter many similar situations in my future career.

Business models
What I appreciate most about the business department faculty is how the professors are genuinely willing to help. Not only are they great teachers, but they are also positive role models and people I look up to. Yes, the professors care about your grade, but more than that, they care about you personally and are always willing to give advice.

A whole education
Northwestern has prepared me for the future by giving me opportunities to become a well-rounded student. A course of study, like Northwestern’s, that requires science, history and art classes enables students to interact with different groups of people besides those just in their major. Developing relationships with people outside of an academic department encourages students to understand others’ passions, as well as to see things from another perspective, which will be valuable assets as I begin my career.  

At your service
Northwestern does an incredible job of providing opportunities for students to meet different people and broaden our worldview, one of which is the 10-day Spring Service Partnerships trips over spring break. I’ve welcomed the chance to go on three different SSPs during my time at NWC. I’ve traveled to Compton, Calif., with the football team and completed a variety of hands-on service projects; I went to Mount Olive, Miss., and served local kids in the community; I’ve also been to Lindale, Texas, and visited a prison to work alongside former inmates who are born-again Christians. Each trip has produced invaluable memories and learning experiences.