Lauren Myers
Social Media Strategist, Woodmen Life, Omaha, Nebraska
Lauren Myers

Social media guru

The daughter of two NWC grads, Lauren sensed Northwestern would invest in her personal, spiritual and vocational growth. After working in marketing for her favorite coffee chain, Scooter’s Coffee, Lauren was recruited to lead the social media division at WoodmenLife, a not-for-profit life insurance company. She continues to recognize the value of her Northwestern education and uses the skills and strategies she learned in classes every day.

What led you to your position at WoodmenLife—and how has your Northwestern education benefited you in that role?
I was recruited to WoodmenLife through LinkedIn. I was looking for an organization that better fit my lifestyle and values, as well as a new opportunity to advance my career. WoodmenLife has been just that! I love that it is a not-for-profit organization that puts our members and employees before profits.

Day to day, I manage social media creation, strategy and execution. In addition, I assist in the management of our sales force’s social media profiles. I still use the concepts I learned in my marketing and business classes every day. We did a lot of issue processing in senior seminar, and I find myself using things I learned in those simulations consistently. At NWC I was also given the opportunity to join the sports photography team, where I learned a ton about taking photos. That knowledge and real-life experience has helped me in every position I’ve held.

What are the strengths of Northwestern’s business department?
Because of the smaller class sizes, my professors were able to make class very conversational. The marketing field is so broad, you don’t know what area you might work in, so to be able to practice problem-solving skills in a more relaxed classroom environment was valuable. My professors were directly involved and invested in my learning and future success.

How did Northwestern prepare you to lead a life of significance?
My Christian Story classes at Northwestern really enriched my faith and belief structure and are part of why I am still very active in the church today. I am a high school ministry leader at Westwood Church and I mentor about a dozen girls on a weekly basis. In addition, I was asked by Westwood’s leadership team to be deacon of first impressions. In this role, I have worked on everything from social media and the church website to signage and future remodels—keeping in mind the impression we are leaving on people who experience Westwood for the first time.