Northwestern adds international business option

Beginning next fall, Northwestern College will offer business administration majors a new option in international business.

The new track will allow students to take 12 credits of upper-level international courses in addition to the college’s general business courses. Students will also be required to participate in an international internship. The track joins agri-business, finance, general, management and marketing options.

In addition to an internship, students pursuing the new international business option must complete courses in international business and economics. Students then have the option of completing courses in international relations, comparative politics or fulfilling their requirements through a course housed within a study abroad program that has been approved by the business department.

“Northwestern College has a long history of encouraging its students to learn about other cultures and peoples, and this business option is following in that tradition,” says Dr. Eric Elder, professor of business and economics. “The new option is in part a response to student demand, a response to the call of the Strategic Planning Committee, and recognition of the interests and backgrounds of the business faculty.”

Northwestern’s six full-time business faculty include professors who have lived, worked, studied and taught in Canada, Europe and Latin America.