Lauren Myers
Marketing Specialist, Scooter’s Coffee, Omaha, Nebraska
Lauren Myers

Expression through espresso

Lauren is a member of the Scooter’s Coffee marketing team, as well as a loyal customer. The daughter of two NWC grads, she sensed Northwestern would be a place that would invest in her personal, spiritual and vocational growth. Her education proved empowering when she approached the Scooter’s chief marketing officer and asked for an internship. Her persistence paid off in the form of a full-time job.

How did your connection with Scooter’s Coffee lead to a full-time position?
While I was a junior at NWC, I stumbled upon the chief marketing officer’s email address. When I didn’t receive a response after a few emails, I called the front desk and asked for his phone number. He was very impressed with my persistence and offered me a summer internship. Unfortunately, the opportunity fell through, but our paths would cross again. The following summer, I did promotions for the Omaha Storm Chasers minor league baseball team. One night I saw the Scooter’s marketing officer leaving the stadium and assumed he wouldn’t recognize me. After walking out to his car, he realized who I was and returned to speak with me. I told him I was graduating that December, and he said, “When you graduate, send me an email.” I didn’t even have to apply!

What are some of your key tasks from day to day?
I primarily work with our franchisees and facilitate new store openings. In 2021, Scooter’s Coffee opened almost 150 stores across the United States. About eight weeks from an opening, I develop a marketing plan and work with media buyers to make local buys for radio, TV and billboard advertising. I also coordinate artwork and marketing content and ensure it is sent to the right people at the right time. It’s very much a marketing project management role.

What are the strengths of Northwestern’s business department?
Because of the smaller class sizes, my professors were able to make class very conversational. The marketing field is so broad, you don’t know what area you might work in, so to be able to practice problem-solving skills in a more relaxed classroom environment was valuable. I also felt my professors were directly involved and invested in my learning and future success.

How did Northwestern prepare you to lead a life of significance?
My time at NWC taught me to follow God’s leading by listening to his call and pursuing what stretches me to grow. There have been several times when I felt a tug on my heart to do something, and it worked out well. A few years ago, I participated in a “swab drive” at NWC for Be The Match—an organization that matches blood cancer patients to a healthy stem cell or bone marrow donor. This fall, I received a call from the organization about a patient in dire need of stem cells for their treatment. I was newly married and going through an intense season at work, so I could have said, “No, I’m not interested,” but I felt really called to make a difference in this way.