Anna Scott
Associate Account Manager, Colored Organics, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Anna Scott

Organic connections

Anna’s passions for writing and design prompted her to pursue majors in both public relations and marketing. Her internship experiences at Raven Industries and in Northwestern’s marketing and communications office provided tactical preparation for work in an office setting, allowing her to apply her skills in the real world. As an associate account manager for an ethically sourced children’s clothing company, Anna provides customer service, develops brand promotions, assists at photo shoots and manages wholesale channels.

What led you to choose Northwestern?
Northwestern was an easy choice for me! It had a wide variety of majors, attentive faculty and staff who were friendly from the start, competitive athletic teams, and most importantly, a focus on faith that I felt was authentic and active.

Why did you study public relations and marketing?
At first, I wasn’t entirely certain what to study, but my love of writing and cognizance of brand design strategies made degrees in PR and marketing appealing. My marketing classes gave me a strong foundation in finance and economics, while I could pursue my more creative side in PR classes. It was a good mix of stretching myself (I was never a numbers person!) while also cultivating the skills I wanted to use in my day-to-day work someday.

How would you describe Northwestern professors?
Professors at Northwestern are so kind, most of all. They are knowledgeable in their fields and enthusiastic in their teaching. My professors gave me a foundational understanding of public relations and marketing, but they also encouraged meaningful contributions to class discussions, stressed the importance of doing my part in group projects, and invited me to embrace new social and academic opportunities. I really appreciated their willingness to go above and beyond to help me learn, even at their own inconvenience.

What are some of your favorite memories from Northwestern?
My favorite memories are from my time on the golf team. After many hours on the course in all sorts of weather, my teammates and I would have the time of our lives recounting stories from the day on our way home to Orange City. I’m also grateful for the coaches and outstanding athletic facilities that made it such a positive experience.

In what ways did NWC impact your faith?
Northwestern provided a safe place to explore what my faith meant to me in an environment where I had more independence and responsibility. I was able to grow in my personal relationship with Jesus, but also develop confidence in biblical knowledge and how to share the gospel with others. If I make a significant impact on the world, I hope it comes from the understanding that God has called us to get involved and advocate for the least of these (Matthew 25:40).