NWC student directors present one-acts

Northwestern College directing students will present 14 short plays Wednesday, Dec. 4, beginning at 6 p.m., in the Allen Theatre of the DeWitt Theatre Arts Center.

The one-acts are produced as the student-directors’ final exams with peers as actors and minimal staging. Community members are invited to attend the free events and come and go between shows. Start times are approximate.

At 6 p.m. senior Emily Wohlers will direct “The Sequel,” which will raise questions about the theatricality of love.

Set in an office, “Cover” will be directed by sophomore Jacob Christiansen at 6:21.

“Trifles,” a crime drama, will take the stage at 6:41 under the direction of junior Isaac Gross.

Senior Ben Bosch will direct “The Game” at 7:17. The drama explores desire, love, disappointment and suicide.

 “Aria da Capo,” a pacifist verse play, is on stage at 7:39. The multi-genre drama will be directed by senior Rachel Hanson.

At 8:27 junior Lisa Haldeman will direct “A Bright New Morning,” about catastrophe and choosing between blood and love.

At 8:49 senior Tyler Gleason will direct “Sweet and Twenty,” in which a couple in love discovers they share few interests.

European drama “The Green Hill” will be directed by junior Megan Vipond at 9:16.

Chekhov’s comedy “A Marriage Proposal” will take the stage at 9:42 under the direction of senior Katie Shepard.

At 10:08 senior Amber Gritter will direct the comedy “Metropolis Man,” about a woman who’s dropped everything to follow her dreams.

Set in the midst of the contemporary Israeli/Palestinian conflict, “Seven Jewish Children” will be directed by senior Honna Brown at 10:22.

“Enemies,” which delves into a dysfunctional marriage, will take the stage at 10:43 under the direction of senior Seth Herning.

Junior Rowan Sullivan will direct “Eating Out” at 11:09. The action involves three women who’ve struggled with eating disorders.

“Cocaine,” a drug-addled drama, is on stage at 11:38. The drama will be directed by senior Isaiah Custer.