Becca Nevin
Head Equipment Manager & Basketball Operations Assistant, Sioux Falls Skyforce, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Becca Nevin

Sports fan

At age 9, Becca began volunteering as a ball kid with the Sioux Falls Skyforce, an NBA G League team and affiliate of the Miami Heat. From there, she eventually worked her way up to the home bench as part-time game day staff, and after graduating from Northwestern, accepted a full-time position with the team. Beyond meeting the Skyforce’s equipment needs, Becca views her role as an opportunity to share Christ’s love with the sports industry.

What are some of your key responsibilities as head equipment manager?
As head equipment manager, I am responsible for inventory, distribution and organization of team equipment, as well as for doing laundry for the Skyforce and the opposing teams we host. I stock the locker room with groceries and pack team equipment bags with jerseys, shoes and other gear for road games. In addition, I assist with workouts and practices, and coordinate the team’s baggage tags and airline tickets when we travel.

What do you do during the off season?
For the summer months, I join the Miami Heat’s equipment staff while the team participates in the NBA’s summer league in Las Vegas. I am the first equipment manager from Sioux Falls to be given this opportunity. 

What brings you the greatest satisfaction in your job?
I love working behind the scenes to get everything ready for our guys so they have what they need before a game. That way, they can perform at a high level without worrying about the little things. It’s my job to take notice and figure out their habits so they can be at their best. We elevate each other to be the best we can be.

How did Northwestern equip you for the work you're doing today?
By including an internship and directed field experiences in the sport management major, Northwestern helps students put the knowledge they learned in the classroom to the test. Those experiences also help students narrow down their options for a job they would be interested in full time. Northwestern is a place of excellence¾we are held to a higher standard, and that directly translates into our jobs.

How did NWC prepare you to live a life of significance?
Northwestern showed me that there is much more to life when we can partner with one another to achieve a common goal. I work with athletes and coaches every day who are non-believers or who don’t actively show their faith, but I still choose to serve them and love them as Christ first loved us.