Sara Edwardson
Exercise Physiologist, Duke University Health and Fitness Center, Durham, North Carolina
Sara Edwardson

Exercise enthusiast

Sara says Northwestern played a pivotal role in helping get her to where she is today. An exercise science major with a minor in religion, Sara also ran track and cross country while at Northwestern. She scored an internship with Duke University during her senior year, and after graduating became a full-time employee. Now she’s an exercise physiologist at a clinically based health and fitness center through the university’s health system, where she teaches exercise classes, provides personal training and lifestyle counseling, participates in a research study dealing with cancer and exercise, and leads an exercise program for people suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

How did you end up at Northwestern?
Choosing where I would spend four years of my life pursuing an education toward a future career seemed an overwhelming decision. After countless college visits, I finally made a choice that put my heart at peace. I was drawn to Northwestern College for a variety of reasons. First, I appreciated Northwestern’s size; I desired to be part of a community where I felt like more than “just a number.” I also participated in track and cross country, and I wanted to pursue running in college. The team and coaches were incredibly welcoming, and I immediately knew I had found a place to call home. However, the factor that impacted my decision the most was the intentionally Christian community displayed at Northwestern. At this pivotal time in my life, I felt this school could be the place to help foster my spiritual growth throughout my education experience.

Why did you choose to major in kinesiology?
In my first year at Northwestern, I struggled to decide on a major. I explored several options but never felt like I had found my niche. Finally I concluded that since health and wellness were such an important part of my own life, I should pursue a career to help others also realize the benefits of exercise and living a healthy lifestyle. Academically, I found the material to be incredibly interesting, as I am fascinated by the human body. The intricacies involved in human function are a brilliant testimony to the Lord’s hand in our creation.

What are some of your favorite memories from Northwestern?
My fondest memories come from the friendships that were built during my time in college. The community at Northwestern is different from most schools, and I was blessed to live in Fern with some pretty amazing girls. To this day, I miss walking through the halls and popping into open rooms and always feeling welcomed. But one of my greatest experiences at Northwestern was the summer I studied abroad in Greece. The program was absolutely amazing and is something I will always cherish. Our group had such a unique blend of personalities, so there were a lot of memories to be had, to say the least.

What do you appreciate most about the kinesiology faculty?
One of my favorite aspects of the kinesiology department was the accessibility of the faculty. If I expressed a concern about an assignment or a test, professors were happy to meet with me and offer assistance. Additionally, I felt the faculty supported both my personal and career goals.