Becca Bindert
Physical Education Teacher, MOC-Floyd Valley Community Schools, Orange City, Iowa
Becca Bindert

Perfect fit

During her years at Northwestern, Becca was a thrower on the track and field team. She still values the camaraderie of her teammates—many of whom are close friends even now. She also learned that hard work and striving for continuous improvement are necessary in competitive sports. As a physical education teacher, she is using the same kind of drive to best serve her students—searching for new strategies to reach her kids and networking with other educators to learn what’s working best in their classrooms.

Why did you choose Northwestern?
I originally visited Northwestern because my mom is an alumna. I came from a very large high school in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where I had a graduating class of roughly 400 kids. At Northwestern, I liked the idea of smaller class sizes that would allow me to know my classmates on a more meaningful level. 

How did you choose your major?
I started off as a nursing major. After discussions with my adviser, I decided to change my major to physical education. I have found so much joy from my decision. Teaching was a perfect fit, enabling me to put my people skills to work and teach students how to incorporate activity in their daily lives.

What did you most appreciate about Northwestern’s faculty?
I had great faculty mentors who were willing to invest time in me. I remember one of my professors coming to watch me at a home track meet my senior year. Knowing the impact my professor’s support had on me, I regularly attend a variety of sporting events and concerts to show my support for my own students at MOC-FV.

How well did Northwestern prepare you for life after graduation?
Northwestern prepared me well. My senior year I often utilized the Compass Center for Career & Calling, where the students and staff helped me create my portfolio. The rigorous classes also prepared me for life after graduation. Our student teaching and observation programs put me in real-life situations that definitely helped mold me as a teacher.

What do you enjoy most about your work at MOC-FV?
The interaction with my students. I have a unique position where I teach high school students in the morning and elementary students in the afternoon. I always tell people that I get the best of both worlds. I love seeing my students smile when tough things click. I also love the funny and unique conversations I get to have with them every day. 

In what ways did you grow in your faith at Northwestern?
Northwestern offers a space where students can express their faith and ask questions about their faith. The professors at Northwestern do a wonderful job of faith and academic integration. My favorite place to worship was in the chapel on Sunday nights for Praise & Worship. This was a time to give all your fears and worries to God and get ready for the week ahead.

What have you come to value most about your Northwestern experience?
Many lasting friendships and the great connections I made with my professors throughout my time at Northwestern. Even now, if I have a question about my job, I can contact them and they are always willing to help.