Wilfredo Almendarez ’22
Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Wilfredo Almendarez

Agent for change

Wilfredo is majoring in political science but is also interested in criminal justice. He is a defender on the Red Raiders men’s soccer team and is active in Northwestern’s International Club. Though unsure of his future plans, one dream is to become a politician in Honduras and work to change his home country for the good.

Opened doors

I decided to attend college in the United States because I knew there was more quality education in this country. Also, my parents did great effort for me to learn English, so I wanted to be thankful and show them their investment was worth it. One of my friends was a former Northwestern student who went down to Honduras and talked to me about NWC. He said I could play soccer, so that motivated me a little bit more. It took a lot of paperwork and long lines of waiting to get a two-minute interview for a student visa at the American embassy, but it was all worth it.

Home away from home

I am from a city of about 2 million people. It was a hard transition with the small town and the cold, and that the majority of the people in this town are white made me feel out of place and different. Thankfully, my best friends, Chris and Seth, made me feel at home and part of their group. What I enjoy about Orange City is that it is so peaceful, and I can walk without being afraid of anything happening to me. The Christian conservative traditions in this town make me feel like it is a place I would like to stay for a little bit more.

Career dreams

I decided on political science as a major because I wanted to learn as much as possible about all the ways I could help the political situation back in my country, Honduras. There is always bad news from Honduras, so my long-term goal is to help change my country’s politics and make the world have a different perspective of it.

Many blessings

Besides gaining knowledge at Northwestern, I have gained maturity. Now I have to look out for myself and try to be independent as much as possible. It is hard having my family away, so Northwestern has made me a stronger man as well. My best memory at Northwestern was playing soccer for the first time with the team. It made me accomplish my dream of representing the college with the talent God has given me. It was really emotional, and I will never forget that moment.