Students help stock a local food bank.

Service and outreach

Like many of our students, you might come from a family or community where you’ve learned to value service. If you want to continue reaching out during college, you won’t be alone. Northwestern students have earned national recognition for exceptional volunteerism. More than 60% volunteer each year; they teach English, tutor schoolchildren, serve soup and manage recycling efforts. They also build orphanages, assist refugees, and participate in medical missions. There are as many ministry opportunities as there are student interests and passions. And if the existing ministry teams don’t serve a cause you are passionate about—start one of your own!

Justice & Service Team

Focusing on justice issues, team members minister in prisons, participate in local service projects, and serve among and alongside our region's Hispanic people.They also host campus events to raise awareness about injustices. Night-in-a-Box, for example, invites students to learn about homelessness by spending the night at a local park, sleeping in cardboard boxes.