Alexander Lowry
Software Developer, Unite Us, Verona, Wisconsin
Alexander Lowry

A programming artist

Although Alexander was accepted to 11 colleges across the country, the expertise of Northwestern’s professors and their love for connecting with students drew him to become a Raider. Now a thriving computer programmer, Alexander credits Northwestern for preparing him well for all aspects of working in his field.

What are some of Northwestern’s strengths?
Northwestern’s professors are its biggest strength. Every professor I had at Northwestern was very willing to meet with me and many spent time getting to know me personally. I was invited to spend Thanksgivings and Easters at professors’ homes, which was invaluable to me as a student whose hometown was 1,200 miles away. Additionally, the Honors Program allows professors to create courses that intersect their area of expertise and topics they are researching. These courses opened my mind to aspects of God’s design that I had not considered before.

What do you appreciate most about your Northwestern education?
The thing I appreciated most was the exposure to such a wide variety of material in the computer science program. I’ve always wanted to use technology for beauty. At Northwestern I learned how to use programming in ways that design something powerful. I also learned a deep appreciation of history, literature and arts that I continue to build and grow. There’s rarely a time when I’m reading or watching something where I don’t think back to something I learned at Northwestern, even from just a casual conversation with a professor during office hours.

What are some of your favorite memories from NWC?
My favorite memories involved the people. The community of NWC made even the coldest winter days feel warm, and everyone is so excited to get to know you from day one. I formed strong relationships with people who became friends I could count on throughout life. I loved the late nights studying with other students, producing and performing in theatre productions, trips with professors and students to festivals and grad school open houses. There were so many great experiences that have shaped my life.

What do you love about your current role?
I work at Unite Us, which is an organization dedicated to connecting patients in need to resources that will help. We try to predict health risks in communities and advise hospitals and towns on what they can do to keep people healthy. I love knowing that the work I do is active all over the country helping people get and stay healthy. It’s encouraging to know that the systems I’m building behind the scenes help people by coordinating programs for addiction recovery and food assistance. The health care system in this country is like a labyrinth, so it’s gratifying to help simplify the process for those without resources or finances to meet their needs.