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New software engineering major underway: The new major focuses on the craft of designing and implementing software projects in a corporate setting. Large-scale projects and teamwork are integrated throughout the curriculum to provide hands-on experiences simulating real-world practices. Read more | Contact the program director


Understand, use and design the technology of today and tomorrow. You’ll develop the mind behind the machine through Northwestern’s liberal arts curriculum, which focuses on the right side of your brain as well as the left. And as you explore changing technology issues, you’ll discover your faith and values are a solid foundation for your work as a computer scientist.

Academic programs

Northwestern’s computer science program includes majors in computer science and software engineering, a minor in computer programming, and a career concentration in computer science. A Northwestern computer science education provides the knowledge, skills, experience, critical-thinking abilities and values necessary for a transformative career in analytics, database management, game design, network administration, programming, software engineering, web development, research or more.  Explore programs


Northwestern’s computer science faculty is an elite group of practitioners who offer students the best in computer science theory and practice.  Explore faculty

Programmed for success

Northwestern's computer programming teams have a long tradition of excellence. They were among the top 100 in the world in 2009 and 2010, competing in IBM's annual "Battle of the Brains" alongside teams from MIT, Stanford, Oxford and the University of Moscow. In 2022, a Northwestern team placed 16th among 95 schools in our region--the second-best finish for a school from Iowa and for a private liberal arts college. And computer science graduates all get jobs, often high-paying and at high-profile companies. Of course, their excellent career preparation is only half the program. They’ve also discovered the place of faith in the digital age.  Meet a graduate

Sonu Gupta

Programmed for leadership

Sonu seeks to use his computer science degree to help improve others’ lives.

Sonu's story

Alexander Lowry

A programming artist

Through a variety of experiences inside and outside the classroom, Northwestern helped Alexander see how his passion for computer science and his love for the arts could turn into a career.

Alexander's story

Jonathan Van Zweden

Programmed for success

Jonathan employs his computer science skills to help build control systems for a wide variety of industrial facilities, designing and building interfaces for operators to use in their businesses.

Jonathan's story

Meredith Yorchak

Well-rounded programmer

Meredith's summer internship with Accenture gave her confidence in her decision to begin a full-time career there.

Meredith's story