Students in a Stegenga Hall dorm room.


“Community.” That’s usually the first thing students say when they’re asked to describe Northwestern College. Then they add: “I fit here,” “People accept me for who I am,” “This feels like home,” and “You just have to experience it for yourself.”

Christian academic community

Being a "Christian academic community" is part of Northwestern's mission. It means we care about serving and loving God and each other. You'll be accepted here and equipped to become a better person in God’s image. Your education doesn’t stop after class is dismissed; it’s a 24/7 experience as you learn, live and worship with friends and mentors.

It’s about fit

You’re choosing a college. You want one that offers your major, has attractive facilities, and is the right distance from home. But ultimately the choice comes down to fit, and fit is about the people—roommates, friends and professors—who will teach you what it means to belong to a real community. Northwestern is known and respected for its tight, caring community. If you’re like most of our students, your Northwestern experience will make you always want to be part of a community that is as great as the one you found here.