Rebecca Quade ’18
Kingsley, Iowa
Rebecca Quade

People person

Rebecca has always felt drawn to the study of people. She particularly enjoys learning about what causes people to act the way they do and why they respond a certain way. With an interest in human behavior, Rebecca attended Northwestern with a plan to major in sociology. She switched to criminal justice because she’s possibly interested in a career practicing law. And when she’s not hitting the books, she’s pounding the pavement as a sprinter on Northwestern’s track and field team.

Cue the zoo
One of my favorite memories from Northwestern so far has been “Zoo Hour” in Stegenga Hall. During finals week, all the residence halls observe quiet hours for 23 hours a day. But Zoo Hour is the one hour a day when students are allowed to make as much noise as possible! My whole wing and I ran all through Steggy, grabbing other people to join in with us. By the end, there were a whole bunch of girls in the lobby having a huge pillow fight. It was a lot of fun!

Pun intended
I love all the sociology professors and really enjoy their teaching methods. They keep class exciting and interesting. Dr. Monsma always makes witty comments or funny puns during class. But all joking aside, he also always gives us chances to share our opinions and react to our classmates’ opinions as well.

Community fellowship
My faith has really been strengthened during my time at Northwestern. I enjoy being surrounded by so many other people who so clearly love God. NWC also creates great opportunities to share your faith. Chapel and Praise & Worship are great ways to worship side by side with your peers and give you a chance to connect on a spiritual level.

Campus connections
If I could offer advice to an incoming student, I’d say get involved in campus activities. You’ll have a lot of fun and make friendships that will last a lifetime. You won’t regret it!