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Sociology. If you're interested in people—and their societies and cultures—then study sociology. You'll explore the diversity of the human experience, conduct social research, and be encouraged to apply what you're learning toward the pursuit of justice and reconciliation wherever God calls you.

Criminal justice. If you have a heart for justice and desire to help communities wounded by crime, then study criminal justice. You'll learn what the criminal justice system does well—and not so well. You'll be equipped to empathize, act and pursue restorative justice in law enforcement or a related professional field.

Academic programs

As a sociology/criminal justice major, you’ll study people in groups: peer and family groups, political parties, religious groups, minority groups, and entire societies. You’ll investigate and debate social problems like poverty, war and crime—all in an effort to understand how people might relate to one another in a way that promotes restoration and reconciliation. Explore programs


Study with our sociology and criminal justice professors and you’ll soon share their passion for social justice and understanding of diverse cultural perspectives. Explore faculty


As a sociology major, you’ll have the opportunity to explore other countries and cultures close-up through semester and summer study abroad programs in Oman, Romania and elsewhere. Explore opportunities

Manuel Jaramillo

Officer Jaramillo

Wrestling brought Manuel to Northwestern, where he is majoring in criminal justice and preparing to become a probation officer.

Manuel's story

Shanell Nieuwendorp

Job security

Shanell’s internship with the U.S. State Department led to a job in Washington, D.C., which provided her hands-on experience that now supports her law school studies.

Shanell's story

Collin Ten Haken

Serve and protect

Collin's Northwestern education paired with an internship with the Urbandale Police Department launched his career in law enforcement.

Collin's story

Jerel Kyles

Passing it on

Jerel works with at-risk children and families, providing them with the support and education they need to succeed.

Jerel's story

Eduardo Rodriguez

Engaged in mission

After gaining experience in Christian community development and youth mentorship, Eduardo now serves as the leadership and local missional engagement specialist for the Reformed Church in America.

Eduardo's story