Hayden Lee
Long Beach, California
Hayden Lee

People’s advocate

Hayden felt an immediate connection to Northwestern the moment he stepped on campus for a visit. He was seeking a college that would push him both academically and spiritually, and he found that at NWC. Hayden, a member of the Raider cross country and track and field teams, hopes to serve as an advocate for people in need, aiming to improve their lives and circumstances.

Here to help

I chose to study social work because I want to work in a profession that enables me to help people through social interactions. I'm grateful to be receiving a Christ-centered education that’s preparing me—in the best possible way—to be an advocate and servant for people in need who are without a voice or are in vulnerable life circumstances.

Passionate profs

Northwestern faculty are passionate and driven, and they walk alongside their students. They don’t just send you on your way to do everything by yourself; rather, they work diligently to prepare every student to do what God has called them to.

Studying social work helps me improve my social and analytical skills, and in turn, use them to help people in need. There are many levels and areas of social work to study, so I’m continually learning and improving my knowledge.

Finding value
Through social work, I’m learning to find the God-given value in each person. Studying social work has also shown me that we don’t have to be alone in anything—seeking help during tough times isn’t weak. God can work through any person and any situation to get the best out of every person. No one is perfect, but our perfect God enables people to work through his will and support others through their trials.

One big family
The biggest way I’ve seen myself grow during my time at Northwestern is in my relationships with others, learning what it truly means to be a part of something bigger than myself. As Raiders, we look out for one another. I love that Northwestern has become a second home and that no matter what, I’ll always have people who support me like family.