Colin Kaemingk
Lynden, Washington
Colin Kaemingk

History teacher in the making

A double major in history and secondary education, Colin realized early in high school that he loved history. He also loved working with people and could see himself as a history teacher committed to bringing the past to life for his students. He’s active on campus, serving as a resident assistant and on the Student Activities Council and orientation staff. Last year he started a club, the Positive Action Committee, which seeks to provide encouragement and build a sense of belonging.

Raiders Stand Out

Both of my parents attended NWC, and they really loved their experience. I chose Northwestern because of the people and the professors. I wanted to go to a school where the professors had personal connections with the students and the dorms were places where other students helped you grow spiritually and emotionally. I felt that Northwestern, out of all the schools I looked at, fit that criteria.

Learning from the past

I’ve had a lifelong love of history. I’ve always been drawn to historical facts, and I’ve watched more documentaries than I can count. The part I’ve loved the most about history is understanding how we got to where we are today—such as how nations and cities were founded. I love looking at the rise and fall of empires and various kingdoms. To me, history is a giant, exciting story.

Channeling history

Northwestern’s history professors are committed to giving us the best education possible. At Northwestern, we think critically about situations in history, and we examine the cause and effects of events. Our professors get students to rethink their understanding of conventional ideas and facts surrounding historical events. A lot of history can be uncomfortable to examine, and many students can have differing opinions. I think what the history department does well is allow students to explore other opinions and come out the other side with one that is rooted with facts.

Mentors and scholars

The history faculty are fantastic. They are smart, confident, witty and extremely encouraging. They are not only great professors (the best on campus, in my opinion), but they also care about every student. I honestly spend at least an hour outside of class each week talking with them about life and various other topics.