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Study the stories of the past, and you’ll better understand the present—and be more adequately prepared for the future. As a history major at Northwestern, you’ll learn about people: where they’ve been, what they’ve done, how they think, and who they’ve influenced.

Academic programs

Northwestern history classes attract students from other majors who also want to learn about fascinating events and historical periods. Explore programs


Northwestern’s history professors are active scholars and relational mentors. Their doors—and even their homes—will be open to you and other students who think the past is a blast. Explore faculty

Study off campus

Northwestern offers history majors numerous internship and study abroad opportunities—from museum or public policy study in Washington, D.C., or Chicago to exploring ancient cultures around the globe.

Abby Ver Mulm

History buff

Abby decided to major in history after she did a
job shadow at a museum. She's also minoring in
philosophy and is interested in graduate school
and working in public history.

Abby's story

Connor Shaull

Legal minded

Connor’s Northwestern education led to a verdict of “accepted” at six law schools.

Connor's story

Brody Van Roekel

History in the making

With his sights set on a doctorate degree in history or theology, Brody is aiming for a job as a professor or college ministry staff member.

Brody's story

Jenna Ripke

Special advocate

Jenna discovered her passion for social justice during her Spanish classes at Northwestern. Now her career is focused on immigration law.

Jenna's story