Jodi Stahl ’13
Account coordinator, Lawrence & Schiller, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

On message

After completing a summer internship at Lawrence & Schiller, an advertising and interactive marketing agency, Jodi graduated a semester early and accepted the agency’s offer of a full-time job. As an account coordinator, she works closely both with clients and with her design team to ensure smooth communication and attention to deadlines and details as advertising campaigns progress from idea to implementation.

What led you to pursue a public relations major?

I had a really great experience with event planning in high school, so I arrived at Northwestern knowing PR would probably be a good fit for me. After my very first Mass Media and Society class with Professor [Ann] Minnick, I knew I was where I needed to be. Communication is fascinating, and I quickly became passionate about learning how to communicate well.

What are Northwestern professors like?

My faculty adviser, Ann Minnick, is a wonderful mentor. Because of her experiences in PR outside of the classroom, she always provided a great background for the topics she was teaching. I especially appreciate her professionalism, and I learned so much from how she communicated with students.

Why study marketing and public relations at a liberal arts college?

Versatility is key in advertising, and my liberal arts education provided me with a background in many different subjects. Great strategy, writing and design are important to creating a campaign, but the things I learned in general education courses are equally as important as I interact with clients in a variety of industries.

Describe your internship experience.

My internship was an extremely valuable element of my education. The advertising industry is incredibly dynamic, and it’s impossible to prepare for its pace and intensity in a classroom. Having an internship where I was able to get first-hand experience was very affirming, and I knew I wanted to work in an agency after graduation.

You were able to graduate a semester early—why did you want to do that?

While I thoroughly enjoyed my education and experience at Northwestern, I was ready to get to work. I had a great internship experience at Lawrence & Schiller, and I was excited to get back to Sioux Falls and start my career. I felt very well prepared, and the transition into the working world has been smooth.