Steven Van Meeteren
Medical School Student, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa
Steven Van Meeteren

Equipped to stand out

After graduating with degrees in math, chemistry and biology-health professions, Steven is putting his hard work to good use as he pursues an M.D. degree at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine. He credits Northwestern’s talented professors and challenging academic environment for preparing him well to succeed in this next chapter of his life.

What are some of Northwestern’s strengths?
I think the student-to-faculty ratio is a huge advantage and a big reason why NWC’s academic programs are so successful. Professors are not going to try to weed you out, but instead will help you succeed. Additionally, the friends you make are going to encourage you in your faith and have a positive impact on you. And finally, there are so many leadership opportunities that will develop you as a person and leader.

How well did NWC prepare you for your graduate work?
Northwestern did an outstanding job preparing me for medical school. I really felt like I was challenged in all three of my majors, but extremely well supported by professors, advisers and peer tutors—a recipe for success. There were countless times I met with professors outside of class for help, which is something you don’t get at most schools.

What do you appreciate most about your Northwestern education?
Hindsight has really made me appreciate the space Northwestern created for me to wrestle with faith and science. Northwestern is the perfect environment to think about faith-science issues because you are surrounded by peers, professors and coaches with a wealth of insight. I also appreciated the numerous leadership opportunities available. As a discipleship group coordinator, I organized small groups in the dorm; as a dorm rep, I advocated for the guys in my residence hall; and as a lab assistant, I helped set up labs and answered students’ questions. All of these experiences helped me feel prepared for my calling and life after college.

What are you hoping to do or specialize in after med school?
I am interested in otolaryngology and will be doing research in the university’s otolaryngology department this summer. However, I anticipate I will have a better idea of what I want to do long term after I complete my core rotations in 2024.