Sean Powell ’20
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Sean Powell

Leading and learning

Sean balances his time as a captain of the Red Raider football team with a strong academic load. He’s pursuing a chemistry major with minors in business administration and physics. He plans to enter the field of dentistry after college and is considering a career as an oral surgeon.

Preparing for the future

I chose Northwestern for many reasons, but the most significant was because I believe Northwestern will do the best job at preparing me to become the best possible husband, father, citizen and Christian after college.

Seeking to understand

I decided to study physics because I’m interested in understanding how God created the world and how he continues to govern it. Studying physics is a great way to expand your knowledge as well as develop and challenge your ideas and beliefs.

Faith and physics

Studying physics here is challenging and in-depth, but studying physics at a Christian college like Northwestern also helps you understand the universe around you and gather a greater appreciation of God. Dr. [Emily] Grace is an extremely knowledgeable professor who not only has a deep understanding of physics, but also loves it and strives to see her students succeed. She is always open to explaining difficult concepts further or to answering deep, philosophical questions that relate to physics. Dr. Grace does an exceptional job of integrating faith into our coursework.


My faith has developed immensely during my time at Northwestern. I’ve been introduced to ideas and theological insights that have led me to becoming a stronger Christian. Northwestern has also brought me many new relationships I care so deeply about. I’m able to share not only my triumphant moments, but also my trials and tribulations with many people because of the strong, faith-based relationships I’ve built here.

Raiders on the road

Northwestern has given me so many memories to cherish. Many of my favorite memories are from my time with the Red Raider football team. During my sophomore season, we traveled to both Oklahoma and Indiana to compete in the playoffs. Traveling with my teammates and playing against the best teams in the nation will always be among my greatest Northwestern experiences.