Izaac Green
Harrisburg, South Dakota
Izaac Green

Open doors to the world

Izaac fell in love with the Spanish language as a high school student and decided that whatever his career plans, being equipped to communicate with Spanish speakers would be an asset. He was drawn to Northwestern’s Spanish program because of its supportive professors and opportunities to study abroad. A double major in Spanish and business management, Izaac enjoys being involved in esports as well as the business and investment clubs.

More than a name
When I first visited Northwestern, I was thrilled to see the enthusiasm in chapels and how people were truly engaging with their faith. I could tell that Northwestern wasn’t a Christian college by name alone; faith actually changed how people were acting on campus.

Passionate professors
The heart and soul of the Spanish department is the professors’ love for their work. In every Spanish class I have attended, I have been challenged yet encouraged. Northwestern’s Spanish professors want to see you grow in your abilities and will give you all the help you need to realize your goals.

Global faith
Attending Northwestern has motivated me to think meaningfully about what I believe and why I believe it instead of just accepting my beliefs without much thought. In my Spanish classes, I have learned how people in different parts of the world express their faith. This has prompted me to worship at Spanish-speaking churches, recognizing that my way of church, prayer and worship is not the only “correct” way of doing those things.

Talented tutor
Northwestern’s Peer Learning Center provides great resources to help students succeed. I have served as a tutor at the center for many classes, and each time I help a student learn a difficult concept, it brings me incredible joy. Helping others grow academically is my way of giving back to the college community for all the blessings it has given me.