Trey Harms
Aberdeen, South Dakota
Trey Harms

Relationship builder

Pretty much everyone on campus knows Trey. They see him taking photos at Raider games for the athletic department, they hear him playing bass guitar in Praise & Worship or cajón at Spanish Chapel, and they might get his tutoring help in the Peer Learning Center. Trey is also a member of the Honors Program, a student ambassador for the admissions office and a member of the Orientation Staff. His broad campus experience should serve him well in his future endeavors, as he seeks to do mission work abroad, building relationships through which he can share the gospel. A Spanish major, he also minors in teaching English as a second language.

Faith + learning

During high school I had been pretty set on attending a big university, but as the time to decide got closer, I realized I wanted biblical teaching and faith principles to be part of my academics. When I looked at Christian education opportunities around the country, Northwestern seemed like an incredible place to grow in my faith, and I recognized I’d be receiving a top-tier education in the Spanish program. After experiencing campus life, I realized how special the community here truly could be. 

Major choice

I’d known for my last couple years of high school I wanted to do mission work overseas, and having been to both Haiti and Costa Rica on mission trips before, I’d seen firsthand the differences that knowing a language can make—not just in sharing the gospel, but in building relationships. That background, along with the growing reach of Spanish in the U.S. and worldwide, led me to choose Spanish as my major because it enables me to have an increased ability to connect with others no matter where I end up.

Learning from the best

The biggest strength of Northwestern’s Spanish major is the professors. All of them are incredibly committed to seeing students succeed and are open to meet not just about Spanish, but about future plans or life in general. Our professors come from distinctly different backgrounds, and as a result Spanish majors are able to draw from a wealth of perspectives. I’m so grateful for professors who earnestly want to see students grow—they go to great lengths to help make that happen. I appreciate learning from professors who are so educated and at the same time excited to help me prepare for life after college.

Speaking the language

The Spanish major requires a semester of studying abroad, which is undoubtedly one of the greatest helps in achieving a true command of the language. There are multiple great options available, from Costa Rica to Argentina to Spain. Northwestern is also fortunate to have both local and international students on campus who are native Spanish speakers and are willing to help those learning the language and culture.

Added value

The relationships I’ve gained during my time at Northwestern have been greater than I could have ever imagined. I have found a community filled with perspectives and experiences that span the globe and gained friends I’m grateful to have learned, laughed and grown alongside of. Above and beyond the incredible experiences and the memories, the people here have impacted my life immensely. I’ll leave Northwestern with connections I’ll cherish for a lifetime.