Congratulations, 2018 graduates!

“Your family is so thankful for you! We pray that you continue to let your light shine before others that they may see God through you. WE LOVE YOU!”
Tina Gray for Joel Gray

“To our baby girl, you did it!! Continue to be your best amazing and confident self.”
Carlos & Trina Garcia for Alexandria Garcia

“Congratulations, Katie! We are so proud of you and all your accomplishments! NWC has loved and prepared you well for your future as a teacher/coach!”
Nancy & Mike Landhuis for Katie

“Raquel, we’re thankful towards God of your four years of college. Today your parents and brothers are proud of you on this special day. ”
Juan & Raquel Rojas for Raquel Rojas Perez

“We are very proud of Meghan she is an inspiration to our entire family!!!”
Richard Lettington III for Meghan Lettington

“Heidi we are all so proud of you and the accomplishments you have made! We are grateful for you everyday! We Love You! Mom and Dad.”
Jean and Aaron Borton for Heidi Borton

“Congrats Camille! TYL for her gifts! I love your ‘Little Beginnings!’ Zechariah 4:10 says, “Who despises the day of small things?” Keep praising God!”
Grandma B for Camille Visser

“Casey Marie Perez We are so proud of you! You never cease to amaze us. We love you Katie girl! Mom & Dad SPECIAL THANKS to Drew Schmidt for EVERYTHING .”
Gilbert and Kathy Perez for Casey Perez

“Congratulations, Amy, on your Master of Education Degree! I'm so proud of your amazing dedication to follow this dream! Love, Mom”
Marlene Borkowski for Amy Borkowski

“Brandon it has been a blessing to watch you become the incredible young man you are today! Congrats! So proud of you! We love you! Dad, Mom, Lauren.”
Darrin and Donna Black for Brandon Black

“ Praising God for the mighty work He has done and continues to do in and through you, Jennifer Anne! He has blessed you to be a blessing! Godspeed!”
Doug and Peg Te Grotenhuis for Jennifer Te Grotenhuis

“Congratulations Camille! We're proud of your accomplishments.”
Will and Vicki Dekkers for Camille Visser

“Congrats Alexis (& Levi TeBrink)!!! We are so proud of your hard work and determination. Wishing you a bright and blessed future. Love You!”
The List & Bunkers families for Alexis Bunkers

“Hannah! We are very excited for you. Congrats on your outstanding achievement! ”
Joe and TJ Zahavi for Hannah Powell

“Congratulations Jennifer! We are so proud of you! Thank you Dr. Laura Heitritter and staff for investing in our daughter these last four years.”
Jim and Sue Pedrick for Jennifer Pedrick

“Katie - Your Dad and I are so proud of you! Congratulations on your achievements! We Love You! Dad, Mom, Jake, Jack, Cassie and Winnie!!”
Angie and Matt Elliott for Katie Elliott

“Congratulations, Victoria Elizabeth Horn, for achieving your goals and dreams at NWC! We are proud of the talented young woman of faith that you are!”
Joel and Susan Horn for Victoria Elizabeth Horn

“Sarah, congrats on your degree. You demonstrated top-notch academics and leadership. U of I Hospital is gaining a wonderful person. Love Mom and Dad”
Scott and Linda Allen for Sarah Allen

“We’re so thankful for all the support John Menning has given. God has used you to make a difference our children’s lives to help them succeed in their future.”
Rusty & Christy Strausbaugh

“Congrats Pieter and Bailey! We're grateful for your time at NWC and anxious to see what God has in store for you in this next step of your journey!”
John & Mary Swart for Pieter and Bailey Swart

“Aubree, all off your hard work and dedication has paid off. You did it! We are very proud of you and are excited in what God has in store for you!”
Rusty & Christy Strausbaugh for Aubree Strausbaugh

“Trey you've accomplished something not many have been able to, you did it! Sometimes challenges are actually a gift from God. We’re so proud of you. ”
Rusty & Christy Strausbaugh for Trey Strausbaugh

“We are so incredibly proud of you Rachel and thankful for your amazing years at Northwestern. Continue to strive for greatness-staying close to God”
Bart and Pam Connelly for Rachel Wilch

“Congratulations LYNAE! So proud of the woman you have become! You will be an awesome teacher & God has prepared the way before you. Love you! ”
Scott & Jody Dadisman for Lynae Dadisman

“Abby Bliss, this grandma could not be more proud of you for working hard and graduating . Papa is smiling down with much pride. Love U, Grandma”
Linda Griffith for Abigail Bliss

“Congratulations, Hannah P.! We are so proud of all of your hard work these last 4 years, and also your service to others while at NWC! Eph. 3:20”
Mark, Kristin and Abbey Powell for Hannah Powell

“Congratulations Rachel!!!! What a huge accomplishment you have achieved by getting your Master's. ”
Brenda Vaandrager for Rachel Mooy

“Dayt, we're so proud of all your hard work! Keep enjoying life like you do as you walk with Jesus. See ya at La Juanita's!”
Steve and Kiff Hall for Dayton Hall

“Anna, so proud of what you have become and are becoming in Christ. Seize each day for God's glory as you exercise gifts & abilities He's given to you!”
John and Kelly Blok for Anna Blok

“ Heath says, "Daddy, we're so glad you are a master." It took a lot of hard work to reach this goal. So much love and pride on your graduation day!”
Emily, Heath, & Theron Fischer for Nathan Fischer

“Congrats Alex!!! We are so proud of everything you have accomplished and look forward to you embracing the next chapter of your life. We love you! ”
Brad & Sherry Yoerger for Alex Yoerger

“Congrats Tim! We are proud of you! Thank you to the teachers, staff and coaches for a great four years!”
Don and Connie Rose for Tim Rose

“We are proud of you and have enjoyed watching you grow as a person and athlete at NWC. With your dedication & faith you will be successful in life. ”
Bob, Carol, Keisha, Nate & Nora for Renee Maneman

“It's been such a joy to watch you grow in the Lord and work hard. In the Lord your labor is not in vain (1 Cor 15:58). We are proud of our sister/aunt.”
Ben Powell for Hannah Powell

“CONGRATULATIONS to DARCI PALSMA for receiving your Masters Degree in Education. We are so proud of you for this GREAT accomplishment! WE LOVE YOU!! ”
Rick and Staci Jansen and Family for Darci Palsma

“Thank you, Northwestern, for adopting Kirsten into your family while she is so far from home and providing her opportunities to glorify God.”
Richard and Betty Jane Dunia for Kirsten Dunia

“Thanks so much to Dr. Elizabeth Heeg and Patrick Hummel and the rest of the amazing staff at NWC for the support and guidance you have given Hannah!”
The Powell Family for Hannah Powell

“ Amazing to watch your leadership and faith grow while at NWC Grateful for staff/profs who invested as mentors/friends. Proud of you! Love mom and dad.”
Duane and Cheryl Hettver for Keaton Matthew Hettver

“Congratulations Brody. So very proud of you. Gr & Gr Pickart”
Marcella Pickart for Brody Pickart

“Take pride in how far you have come & have faith in how far you can go. Very proud of your accomplishments! Love, Dad, Mom, Drake & Miss Macie”
Derek, Beth & Drake for McKenna Davenport

“So proud of you Raphael! You are truly blazing a trail. We know you will be successful in all your future endeavors. We Love You! Momma and Richard”
Patricia Gonzales for Raphael DeHoyos

“Congratulations Samantha Marie! You are AWESOME! We love you! Dad, Theresa, Wyatt, Jess and Tyler”
Rob & Theresa Sinclair for Samantha Sinclair

“Abby, we are so proud of you! We are looking forward to seeing where God takes you next. You have so much to offer the world! We love you more!”
Christian and Michelle Bliss for Abby Bliss

“Congratulations, Jensen! We are so proud of all you have accomplished! Love you! ”
Dee Boger for Jensen Boger

“SPECIAL THANK YOU to Prof Ann Minnick, the Library Staff, Scorza, Emily, & Yun for ALL you did for Camille! Camille & we appreciate you VERY much!”
Vonda & Chad Visser for Camille Visser

“Congratulations, Jessica! We're so very proud of your determination, commitment and achievements in turning your dream into reality! We love you!”
Troy, Dawn & Aaron Bostwick for Jessica Bostwick

“CONGRATS, Camille! SO proud of you!-your HARD work, compassion,using talents for Him, studying abroad &living Phil 4:13! Love u! Mom,Dad,Carter,Carlie”
Vonda Visser for Camille Visser

“Becca, we are incredibly proud of you and your accomplishments. God is good! We can't wait to see where your next journey takes you! Love Mom and Dad”
Mike Sparks for Rebecca Sparks

“You have to dream before your dreams can come true. -A. P. J. Abdul Kalam We're proud of you for following your dream, Aunt Amy!”
Rob, Kari, Theo, and Emaline for Amy Borkowski

“Jordan - We are so proud of all you have accomplished in the last four years! God's Blessings as you go forward on your next adventure! We love you!”
Dane and Jody Stone for Jordan Stone

“Congratulations, Bre! We have watched you grow so much in your faith over the last four years and are excited to see what God has in store for you! ”
Keith and Rona Harmelink for Breanna Harmelink

“How fast time flies! Remembering your early birthdays and your grade school years. Thank you mijo for this proud and exciting moment. We love you!”
Bernice and Victor Mena for Victor Mena Jr.

“I'm immensely proud of you Osiris! You accomplished your goal and getting there wasn’t easy but you did it. You are a role model. I love you sis!!! ”
Leslie Magallanes for Osiris Ordaz

“Osiris the road was long and with obstacles but you remained firm and determined. You gave all your effort and were brave. I'm immensly proud, love you”
Noemi Galvan for Osiris Ordaz

“Ryan we are very proud of what you've accomplished and look forward to who you will become. May God bless this new chapter of your life. We love you ”
Darrell & Julie Penny for Ryan Penny

“Connor, sending love, extreme pride and ardent wish for a future that gives your best skills a chance to flourish and your heart flight enduring love.”
Nannie for Connor Sams

“Congratulations, Kiara, on reaching this milestone! We are proud of you and look forward to where God leads you next. Love, Mom/Dad/Carissa/Bryson”
Yvonne Boettger for Kiara Boettger

“Courtney, may God bless you as you begin the next chapter in your life. We are so proud of you! You have grown into a beautiful young lady! Go girl!”
Scott and Laura McKee & Zach for Courtney McKee

“Congratulations Taylor! We are so proud of you and may God bless your future plans. We love you!”
Brad and Marlys Hofman for Taylor Kooi

“Thank you football coaches for an amazing 4 years. The Red Raider football family is the best! Congrats Taylor, we are so proud of you! Love you!”
Todd and April Kooi for Taylor Kooi

“Amber Lynn, you are a gem. You are our special blessing, You always keep us guessing; Now a college grad To please your Dad And cause your Mom to sing”
Glenn and Cathy Gilpin for Amber Gilpin

“"Congrats, Coltin ! We are very proud of you. We can't wait to see what God has planned for you in the future. love you. Mom, Dad, and family"”
Duane and Joni Collins for Coltin Collins

“We are so very proud of you, Brody!! You can do anything you set your mind to. Always know that your family is here for you if you need anything.”
Troy, Lorie, Camryn and Collin Arens for Brody Pickart

“Congrats!! Now the real world, but you've got this! Work hard, stay focused, don't settle, surround yourself with good people! Onward, confidently!”
Grant & Vicki Lubbers for Brody Pickart

“Congratulations Elizabeth, we are so proud of you, God has made you into a beautiful woman. We love you May our Lord guide you everyday! Mom and Dad”
Tammy Becker for Elizabeth Becker

“Congrats Mere!! " He who began a good work in you will carry it on until the day of completion."(Phil 1:6) We love what God has done in you at NWC. ”
Keith and Gina Spicher for Meredith Spicher

“Aloha 'Deuce'. Most Excellent! Very well done! Remain always "a man whose conduct proceeds from good will and an acute sense of propriety..." ”
'Dude' and Carol for Connor Sams

“Congrats, Shelby! So proud of the strong & lovely woman of God you’re continuously becoming, one Christ-like, faithful thought at a time! Dad & Mom”
Mark & Judy Maznio for Shelby L. Maznio

“Way to go Laura! Soon your wedding (welcome to the family Andrew) and then teaching in Honduras. We are so VERY PROUD of you.”
Jeff and Karen Korver for Laura Korver

“Hannah, we thank God for NWC & the ways they have prepared you in knowledge & faith for service in God’s Kingdom. We love you & are very proud of you!”
Molly and Nathan Bassett for Hannah Bassett

“Congratulations Ben on earning your Elementary Ed degree! Thank you NWC for the role you played in preparing Ben for his future in God's world! ”
Dirk and Lori Vonheeder for Ben Vonheeder

“Jill is and always has been one of the most hardworking people I know. We are very proud of her accomplishments! Congratulations!”
Tim and Kay Mathes for Jill Findley

“Congrats, Amanda, on achieving your master’s degree! May you use all that you learned to encourage and challenge your students. Love Mom & Dad”
Alan & Sandy Woudstra for Amanda Woudstra

“Remember when you were three and you climbed Grandpa Herman's pine tree so far up I couldn't find you? Keep climbing my girl, We are so proud of you~ ”
Jerry and Laura Dehnke for Mikayla Dehnke

“Connor, your boys back in California would all like to extend a GNARLY congratulations and could not be more STOKED for you DUDE. The Cali sun awaits!”
Brett Castagnari for Connor Sams

“A HUGE THANK YOU TO- Coach Dan Swier, Northwestern College Men's Soccer Team, Prof. Ann Minnick, Prof. Ann Lundberg, and Dr. Mead! - The Sams Family”
The Sams Family for Connor Sams

“Congrats, Connor! We are so proud of you and your accomplishments! God is Good! Luke 12:33-34”
Todd and Maureen Sams for Connor Sams

“So proud of all your accomplishments, Nate! Thanks profs, NWC BBB and track coaches and teammates for opportunities of a lifetime! Always a Raider! ”
Brad and Helene Wedel for Nathan Wedel

“Congrats, Jill! We could not be prouder of your hard work and dedication. Thanks for being a great role model to so many! Love Jim, Aidan, & Kalen!”
Jim Findley for Jill Findley

“Thank you, professors, for providing an excellent education. Special thanks to the track coaching staff for helping Aaron grow as an athlete as well.”
Bob and Jill Lemon for Aaron Lemon

“Your family, friends, and community are so proud of your religious growth and accomplishments at Northwestern. Princeton is gaining a great student!”
Lynnette and Richard Clark for Steven Clark

“Congratulations, Rachel, on achieving your master's degree! God's blessings to you as you use your knowledge to teach at our school. Love, DSDKSJ&M ”
Dan and Sheila Blankespoor for Rachel Mooy

“So proud of how you have grown these past 4 years! Hold on to your faith, family and friends! Life is going to be great! Love ya, Mom and Dad”
Marty and Jenn Vermeer for Brianna Vermeer

“Special thanks to the NWC staff, the VanBeeks, Guthmillers, Dr. Dejong, John Menning, & the Nessa family for their support of Naomi. WAY TO GO, NAOMI!”
Greg and Amy Schimmel for Naomi J. Schimmel

“Morgan, we are proud of the woman you have become. Keep God in the center of your life, and strive to be the greatest 1st grade teacher.”
Tina Boroviak for Morgan Boroviak

“Just look @ U Only 4 yrs ago u were Single/sports satur8d/skeptical How fast life shifts-now UR espoused 2 Rachel/solid in many ways All God meant U2B”
Kendra Grev for Joshua Grev

“Congratulations, Marcie. It's been a long and hard journey. The kids and I are very, very proud of you. Now go conquer your dreams! Love John,Addi,Nolan”
John Lentsch for Marcie Lentsch

“CONGRATS, Jess! You have excelled in the classroom and on the softball field! We're proud of you! Love, Jeff, Carla, Jamie and Bryce, and Mitchell”
carla for jess sandbulte

“Katie, we are incredibly proud of you and your accomplishments. God is good! We can't wait to see where He takes you! Aunt Karmen & Uncle Jeff ”
Karmen and Jeff Weddle for Katie Elliott

“Congratulations to Josh and Rachel Grev. Thank you to Coach Kyle VanDenBosch and NWC Dean of Christian Formation Mark DeYounge for their guidance.”
Doug and Martha Standerwick for Josh and Rachel Grev

“Nicole, I praise God for your growth as a person and your conviction to serve Christ with your life, and the role of NWC faculty and staff in it!”
Jonathan Opgenorth for Nicole Opgenorth

“Andrew, I celebrate your growth in Christ, your marriage to Mikaela, and your love for being God's servant in this world, all formed at NWC!”
Jonathan Opgenorth for Andrew Opgenorth

“Congratulations, Beth! We are so proud of your achievements and where your journey at Northwestern has taken you! You will go far in life! We love you!”
Karen & Kevin Benschoter for Beth Benschoter

“Congratulations, Heidi! We are so proud of you! I love you. ”
Alex for Heidi Borton

“Congratulations Jessica Joy Howe.We are so thankful to the Lord for you and for these years of growth at NWC. Go and serve the Lord!”
Sean and Kristyn Howe for Jessica Howe

“Elizabeth, Grandpa & Grandma are so proud all that you have accomplish in your life. Congratulations! Whatever you do, you do it well. We love you.”
Bob & Norma Gross for Elizabeth Becker

“Mitchell, you have within you the strength, the patience and the passion to reach for the stars and change the world! We are so very proud of you!”
Tony and Chris Kresnik for Mitchell Kresnik

“Thank you, NWC, for blessing us. The excellent profs, challenging courses, new friendships, and opportunities to serve. To God be the glory! ”
Randy and Lora Jeltema for Jeffrey Jeltema

“Congrats, Marie! Now "think about WORK!"”
Dad and Mom for Marie Jeppesen

“Congratulations, Elizabeth Becker! We are so very proud of you and everything you have achieved. You are amazing! We love you!”
Steve and Brenda Cahill for Elizabeth Becker

“You are an incredible woman! I'm still amazed with how you were able to do this and still be a great mom, wife and friend. You are truly the best!”
Rod Witt for Rod Witt

“JESSICA, we are so proud of you as you graduate from NWC. As always, we pray for you as you start a new inning in your life. LOVE YOU. g2g”
Gram-ma and Gramps for Jessica Sandbulte

“I am so proud of the young women that you have become! NWC has shaped you, and NWC softball has made you become a great leader! ”
Candy Sandbulte for Jessica Sandbulte

“Maddy girl, we are so proud of you!”
Jim and Michelle Stephens for Madison Stephens

“Congratulations, Maddy! Live from your heart!”
James Stephens for Madison Stephens

“Congratulations! We are so proud of you and all you've accomplished! Your experiences at NWC will take you far. We love you so much. Mom, Dad & Hadyn”
Sean and Sallye Lee for Meridyth Olivia Lee

“Congratulations, Ethan Druin! We are very proud of you and all you have accomplished! May God continue to be with you and guide you! Love, Your Family”
Wade and Chris Druin and Family for Ethan Ray Druin

“Congratulations, Josh! All our brain-washing worked to get you to attend/graduate from your parent's alma mater! :) We're very proud of you! Love you!”
Mike & Loree Vander Zwaag for Joshua Vander Zwaag

“Han, you are our light and our joy. We trust the Lord's promise for you. We give thanks to Him! In His grace, you are fearfully and wonderfully made!”
George and Chrsitine Lautner for Hannnah Chrsitine Lautner

“Kyle! We are so thankful for the Jesus-serving, God-honoring, Spirit-filled young man you have become as you grew here at NWC. Love you, Mom and Dad ”
Vicki and Jim Swart for Kyle Swart

“HEY MOLLY! Words can't describe how proud we are and what a beautiful person you are. God has shown favor in all you do. Keep blessing others!”
Robert and Ruth Cunard for Molly Cunard

“Congratulations to our graduate. Steph, we are very proud of you. Can’t wait to see where God will take you next. ”
Rick & Terri Brethouwer for Stephanie Brethouwer

“A huge thank you goes out to Randy Van Peursem! All of the help you’ve given Alison over the past 4 years has been invaluable. You are a treasure! ”
Lisa Schutt for Alison Schutt

“Congratulations, Alison Schutt! We are so proud of you & your accomplishments! Can’t wait to see what God has in store for your future! ”
Lisa Schutt for Alison Schutt

“Remember this: "I know the plans I have for you, says the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." ”
Joel & Suzy Duncan for Warren Duncan

“Congrats, Booskie! We are proud of you. We are amazed by your talents, bravery, leadership and compassionate heart. Eph 3:14-21 "Go get 'em, girl!"”
Kevin J Muyskens for Bethany Muyskens