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Career resources for alumni

Most of the Career Development Center’s services are available free to alumni. Visit  NWC's job search site or contact our office for assistance. You can:

  • Receive personal career counseling
  • Set up or update your credential file
  • Search job openings at NWC's job search site
  • Advertise job openings and recruit NWC graduates via NWC's job search site

YOU be the resource

As a member of the more than 10,000-strong NWC alumni network, you are a valuable resource to our students. You can:

  • Share your professional experiences and expertise as a mentor to students interested in careers like yours
  • Help new graduates who’ve landed jobs in your area acclimate to their new community

Sign up as a resource at NWC's job search site by clicking on "Alumni."

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  • NWC's job search site