Success starts at Northwestern. Our professors teach it.

Piet Koene

Piet Koene Associate professor of Spanish, translation and interpreting

Piet Koene has elite certification and experience as a courtroom interpreter.

Vonda Post

Vonda Post Professor of Accounting

A licensed CPA, Vonda Post is committed to teaching her students how to think like accountants and understand the “why” behind accounting principles.

Dr. Jennifer Feenstra

Dr. Jennifer Feenstra Professor of psychology

Dr. Jennifer Feenstra involves students in her research on volunteerism and service-learning.

Dr. Fan Fei

Dr. Fan Fei Assistant Professor of Business

Dr. Fan Fei shows his passion for economics through his excitement in the classroom and the many economic research projects he’s completed.

Dr. Sara Sybesma Tolsma

Dr. Sara Sybesma Tolsma Professor of biology

Dr. Sara Sybesma Tolsma and her students are researching which chemicals in plants stop or slow the growth of cancer cells—and how.

Kirsten Brue

Kirsten Brue Career counselor

Kirsten Brue encourages students to gain experience in their chosen career field.

Dr. Michael Kugler

Dr. Michael Kugler Professor of history

Dr. Michael Kugler is known for making history come alive.

Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson Director of financial aid

Eric Anderson uses his combination of financial knowledge and care for students to help families find strategies to make Northwestern affordable.

Greg Christy

Greg Christy President

President Greg Christy created new strategies and adopted a new mission, vision, diversity and Christian identity to help the college stand out.

Rik Dahl

Rik Dahl Head wrestling coach

Head wrestling coach Rik Dahl enjoys building relationships with students, extending grace, and encouraging them through life.

Martha Draayer

Martha Draayer Director of intercultural development

Martha Draayer encourages intercultural student development by mentoring, supporting and teaching students from underrepresented groups.

Kris Korver

Kris Korver Head men's basketball coach; Instructor in kinesiology

Kris Korver is passionate about helping his students and athletes become who God calls them to be.

Dr. Sally Oakes Edman

Dr. Sally Oakes Edman Director of counseling services

Dr. Sally Oakes Edman helps students work through problems, find healing and wholeness, and eliminate obstacles to healthy functioning.

Greta Grond

Greta Grond Director of DeWitt Library

Greta Grond enjoys working with students on their research projects and seeing the results of their hard work.

Randy Van Peursem

Randy Van Peursem Science support services professional

Randy Van Peursem offers students the science support they need to succeed and models the encouragement and love of Christ.

Kendall Stanislav

Kendall Stanislav Director of experiential education

Kendall Stanislav helps connect students with internship and study abroad opportunities, and assists them through the job search process.

Dr. James Mead

Dr. James Mead Professor of biblical and theological studies

Dr. James Mead thrives on Old Testament teachings and helping students understand, enjoy and learn from all parts of the Bible.

Dr. John Vonder Bruegge

Dr. John Vonder Bruegge Associate professor of biblical and theological studies; Co-director of honors program

Dr. John Vonder Bruegge is known for his love of the New Testament and encourages experiences that allow for academic challenges and growth.

Dr. Kim Jongerius

Dr. Kim Jongerius Professor of mathematics

Dr. Kim Jongerius sees math as both art and language and encourages students to communicate mathematics effectively.

Dr. Angela Holt

Dr. Angela Holt Assistant professor of music; Director of Symphonic Band

Dr. Angela Holt directs Northwestern’s Symphonic Band, Jazz Band and wind ensembles, while also teaching instrumental music education.

Dr. Emily Grace

Dr. Emily Grace Assistant professor of physics

Dr. Emily Grace is passionate about her research on physics pedagogy, faith integration and physics hardware.

Dr. Laird Edman

Dr. Laird Edman Professor of Psychology

Dr. Laird Edman involves students in research focused on the cognitive science of religion.

Dr. Elizabeth Heeg

Dr. Elizabeth Heeg Professor of biology

Dr. Heeg not only challenges her students in the classroom, but she provides them with many hands-on experiences off campus as well.

Dr. Chris Nonhof

Dr. Chris Nonhof Assistant professor of education and English

Dr. Chris Nonhof builds relationships with students in and out of the classroom.

Kyle Ochsner

Kyle Ochsner Professor of practice of kinesiology

Kyle Ochsner develops and oversees the strength and conditioning programs for many of Northwestern’s athletic teams.

Dr. Valerie Stokes

Dr. Valerie Stokes Associate professor of social work and director of academic diversity initiatives

Dr. Valerie Stokes provides students with a safe, encouraging environment in which she shares real-life examples from her own therapeutic practice.

Drew Schmidt

Drew Schmidt Associate professor of theatre

Drew Schmidt is enthusiastic about his love of church, education and the arts, and he enjoys helping students follow their passions.

Dr. David Arnett

Dr. David Arnett Professor of chemistry

Dr. David Arnett sees God through nature, science and loving action—all of which have added to his understanding of what it means to live a Christian life.

Erica Vonk

Erica Vonk Director of the Center for Innovation and Leadership; Instructor in Business

Dr. Erica Vonk is an innovative and visionary leader who is passionate about equipping students for their professional lives.

Bob De Haan

Bob De Haan Instructor in Agricultural Business

A lifelong farmer, Bob De Haan has over four decades of agricultural education experience.

Dr. Jiying (Jenny) Song

Dr. Jiying (Jenny) Song Assistant Professor of Business

Dr. Jenny Song’s professional experience offers international business students firsthand knowledge of business on the world stage.

Dr. Han-Yen Kao

Dr. Han-Yen Kao Assistant Professor of Business; Department Chair

Dr. Han-Yen Kao believes that economics is all about people and economic decisions have the power to shape the world around us.

Scott Bahrke

Scott Bahrke Head Cross Country & Track and Field Coach; Instructor in Business Education

When he’s not motivating athletes to run their best times, Coach Scott Bahrke helps his business education classes find ways to motivate their future students.

Dr. Keith Fynaardt

Dr. Keith Fynaardt Professor of English and Department Chair; Humanities Director

Dr. Fynaardt’s broad knowledge of literary genres allows him to arrange courses that are tailor-made for English students.

Dr. Diana Gonzalez

Dr. Diana Gonzalez Professor of Spanish

A true resident of the world, Dr. Gonzalez has studied or taught in more than five countries.

Douglas Anderson

Douglas Anderson Professor of Practice in Business and Economics

Professor Douglas Anderson is an experienced nonprofit executive who desires to set an example of service for his students.

Dr. Zack Varpness

Dr. Zack Varpness Associate Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Varpness views his chemistry research as an opportunity to understand the intricacies of God’s creation.

Dr. Karissa Carlson

Dr. Karissa Carlson Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Carlson’s passion for science is confirmed each time she—or one of her children—makes a discovery about the world God created.

Ann Minnick

Ann Minnick Associate Professor of Communications; Program Director

Professor Ann Minnick connects her students to area nonprofits so they can use their PR and marketing skills to serve others.

Dr. Julie Dragstra

Dr. Julie Dragstra Assistant Professor of Nursing, Department Chair

Dr. Julie Dragstra enjoys shaping the future of nursing in her classroom while also working as an on-call hospice nurse.

Dr. Scott Monsma

Dr. Scott Monsma Professor of Sociology; Department Chair

Dr. Monsma’s travels have allowed him to experience cultural contexts around the world, posing new questions about his own culture and how it has shaped him.

Dr. Jason Lief

Dr. Jason Lief Professor of Biblical & Theological Studies

Dr. Jason Lief values teaching youth ministers and Christian educators the significance of popular culture within the context of faith.

Dr. Rajat Emanuel Singh

Dr. Rajat Emanuel Singh Assistant Professor of Kinesiology

A biomechanical movement researcher, Dr. Emanuel Singh sees his scientific studies as attempts to unravel the mysteries behind God's great design.

Mark Haselhoff

Mark Haselhoff Professor of Practice in Computer Science; Department Chair

Professor Mark Haselhoff hopes his computer science classes inspire students to further explore ideas on their own.