Psychology majors present research

Nine senior psychology majors presented the results of their research at the Siouxland Undergraduate Psychology Research Conference, held at Dordt College in Sioux Center on April 28. They were among several student presenters from private, church-related colleges in Iowa and South Dakota.

Kristina Anderson, from Sioux City, presented a paper entitled “Effects of Parenting Styles on Dating Competence.”

Matt Baird, Moville, presented “The Effects of Court-Appointed Community Service on Juveniles’ Views of Their Crimes.”

Robyn Doornenbal, from Sioux Center, presented a paper entitled “You’ll Find the Happiness Located in Aisle Five: The Relationship Among Emotional Intelligence, Materialism and Self-Esteem.”

Amy Goodrich, from North Loup, Neb., presented a paper entitled “Predicting Participation in Theatre Production Ensemble Based on Self-Monitoring, Empathy, Critical Thinking and Attachment to God.”

Jeremy Koerselman, Sioux Center, presented “How Critical Thinking and Personal Epistemology Affect Romantic Beliefs.”

Amanda Majerus, from Sioux Center, presented a paper entitled “Self-Verification and its Effect on Roommate Relationships.”

Chelsie Reed, from Dayton, Wyo., presented “The Temporary Effects of Encouragement on Self-Esteem, Self-Efficacy and Persistence on Problem-Solving Tasks Among College Students.”

Alison Sadler, Eagle Grove, Iowa, presented “Effects of IQ vs. Personality on Leadership Ability in College Students.”

Sharon Van Herk, from Yakima, Wash., presented a paper entitled “Are Parents Still Important in the Lives of Their Children? The Effects of What Parents Believe on Their Children’s Beliefs.”