A posed student smiles at the camera.

Celebrate 2018!

In this season, we're celebrating the many ways God has blessed Northwestern College in 2018. We invited givers making year-end donations to do so in honor of something they're celebrating—like a marriage, birth/adoption, personal or professional achievement, or other demonstration of God's faithfulness. Below are the messages they shared.

“All the blessings from God this past year!”
John & Lorraine Wells, Atascadero, CA, class of 1955

“A good solid Christian education, and thank you for staying true to a conservative Christian view of the world when so many colleges are losing their true standard and purpose. ”
Terry & Laura Muller, Penney, FL, class of 1970

“The call and pictures I get from sweet students, and fond memories of our son Kurt's time at NWC.”
Joan & Gregg Aksamit, Lincoln, NE

“35 years of happy association with NWC (1963-1998)”
Dr. Bill Kennedy, Holland, MI

“Christian education. ”
Marge Warkentin, Linn Grove, IA, class of 1970

“The people who blessed me while at NWC.”
Tanya Zwald, Saint Paul, MN, class of 2006

“8 years spent on the NWC campus (4 years at NWCA, 1 year at the Jr. College, and 3 years as secretary to President Wezeman) ”
Nelva Cunningham, Colorado Springs, CO, class of 1953

“NWC building minds and building faith. ”
Dennis & Arlene Punt, Orange City, IA, class of 0000

“My grandfather's faith. ”
Beverly Vermeer, Enfield, NH, class of 1971

“My loving parents, who passed away this year. Both were instrumental in my decision to come to NWC!”

“Our lives at Northwestern, our education and friends we continue to have.”
Anonymous, class of 1955

“Thank you for providing "a great education/life preparation!!!"”
Joe Petrill, Branchburg, NJ, class of 1970

“The life of Darla Ubben. Darla died of colon cancer last December 4, 2017. She is a mom to Conner and Samantha Ubben.”

“I'm grateful for my parents' support in encouraging my education many years ago!”
Henrietta Van Maanen, Fort Dodge, IA, class of 1955

“I'm grateful for good health and my loving families.”
Harriet Kroese, Orange City, class of 1969