A posed student smiles at the camera.

Celebrate 2017!

In this season, we're celebrating the many ways God has blessed Northwestern College in 2017. We invited givers making year-end donations to do so in honor of something they're celebrating—like a marriage, birth/adoption, personal or professional achievement, or other demonstration of God's faithfulness. Below are the messages they shared.

“Grateful for my daughter completing her bachelor's in interpreting this December. God is faithful!”
Miguel & Ada Palafox, Rock Valley, IA

“I am grateful for God caring for His creation through Northwestern College.”
Wayne & Carol Sandee, Mankato, MN, class of 1956

“Grateful for the good influence NW had on me. I have many memories that will remain forever. Thank you!”
Willis & Jane Vander Wal, Pollock, SD, class of 1963

“Grateful for God's grace in Jesus Christ and for the privilege it is to study and know God and the created world.”
Rev. Tim & Molly Truesdell, Worthington, MN, class of 2004

“We are grateful for excellent education and spiritual encouragement.”
Diane Rens, Sioux Falls, SD

“We are grateful for God's great work through NWC!”
Michael & Tricia Wilson, Lancaster, PA, class of 1993

“Grateful for the education you provided for our two daughters.”
Kathy de Waard, Chancellor, SD

“I am grateful for 35 years of happy service to the college (1963-1998).”
Bill & Nella Kennedy, Holland, MI

“We are grateful for Christian education.”
Craig '73 & Sharon '74 Van Kley, Blue Earth, MN

“We are grateful for our education at NWC!”
Jeremy '00 & Kara '01 Eisenga, Naples, FL

“Grateful for my Christian education.”
Judith Spinler, Beaver Dam, WI, class of 1968

“I am grateful for all the college continues to do to educate Christian leaders.”
Delora Carson, Yankton, SD, class of 1961

“Grateful for my niece being a part of the NWC women's national cross country team!”
Janet Beard, Saint Joseph, MO, class of 1988

“I am grateful for my education at NWC that prepared me to become a teacher. Many children have touched my life, and I'm so grateful to God for all of them!”
Marcene Cox, Boyden, IA, class of 1972

“I'm thankful for the required chapel at NWC. It was good for my faith, and it makes the NWC community strong.”
Eric Eden, Wesley, IA, class of 2014

“I am grateful for the current students attending Alton Reformed Church.”
Mary Eason, Alton, IA, class of 1971

“Grateful for a college education.”
Muriel Langerud, Meza, AZ, class of 1953

“We are grateful for the college's stand for good education and its strong Christian foundation.”
Roger & Phyllis Dalman, Zeeland, MI

“We are grateful for our three sons' education and life experiences at Northwestern (Heath '02, Lance '02, Blake '08).”
Dave & Deb Reinke, Rock Valley, IA, class of 1973

“I am grateful for the NWC theatre department and the legacy of Theora England Willcox and Keith Allen.”
Kella Klinker Simonin, Spencer, IA, class of 1968