April Benson Art Exhibit: “An Homage to the Creation of Flowers”

Wednesday, Oct 19 - Saturday, December 10, 2022
Te Paske Gallery, Korver Visual Arts Center, Te Paske Gallery, Korver Visual Arts Center
Phil Scorza, Associate Professor of Art
712-707-7003, phils@nwciowa.edu

Floral artwork by April Benson will be on display in Northwestern College's Te Paske Gallery Oct. 19 through Dec. 10, 2022.

Art by April Benson of Orange City, “An Homage to the Creation of Flowers,” will be on display Oct. 19 through Dec. 10.

Benson earned a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Southern Illinois University and won “Best of Show” in Orange City’s 2022 Regional Art Exhibition. A stay-at-home mom and wife of a pastor, she does oil paintings during her children’s naptimes and in the early morning hours.

“Flowers are a pure example of utilitarian art,” Benson says. “Every part of them serves a purpose—the shape, color, scent and texture all designed to lure in wildlife, playing a pivotal role in nature. I paint the same shapes, colors and textures, imitating God’s creation with the same goal of luring the viewer in. My hope is that the viewer is kept in a prolonged gaze, considering each piece and the majesty of our Creator.”