A Dream Fulfilled

For the first 10 years after graduation, Megan Coe ’05 had a growing business career in the Twin Cities. She enjoyed it but didn’t feel like she was making much of a difference.

Through the influence of several roommates and a coworker who had spent time in Ecuador, Coe fell in love with Latin American culture. God reminded her of a dream she had in junior high about moving to South America and working in an orphanage.

After a Google search for orphanages in Ecuador, Coe and two friends traveled there on vacation in 2015. Visiting a ministry called For His Children, she sensed the Holy Spirit’s working.

When a staff member said they could use help with communications, Coe felt like her mind had been read. Through prayer and Scripture, Coe made the decision to sell most of her possessions and volunteer in Ecuador for three months. A position opened up. Coe stayed, met her husband and now works as the ministry’s development director.

For His Children operates two locations and serves about 60 children annually—many of whom have special needs.

“They’ve come from traumatic situations, but this is a place of hope,” she says. “We want to see transformation in their lives and share Christ with them.

“I fell in love with the children. It’s a privilege to be a voice for them.”